Why Forbes Has Recognized MAKO Medical Laboratories as One of the Country’s Best Startup Employers Again

For the third consecutive year, Forbes Magazine has recognized MAKO Medical Laboratories as one of America’s Best Startup Employers. Under the helm of CEO Chad Price, the national reference laboratory has become a leader in COVID-19 testing. Since the start of the pandemic, the company has more than doubled in size and now employs more than 1,000 staff members — ranging from delivery drivers to lab technicians. 

The acclamation from Forbes is presented in partnership with market research company Statista. It recognizes the top 500 employers in the country based on millions of data points. The three main factors that are tested are employee satisfaction, company growth, and employee reputation. Chad Price, CEO of MAKO Medical Laboratories is dedicated to working hard to build the business and retain high-quality staff members in recent years. 

“This recognition comes after two years of dedicated pandemic response and incredible efforts by our team,” said Josh Arant, MAKO Medical Laboratories Chief Operating Officer upon receiving news of winning the award for the third time in a row. “We are grateful for our dedicated team members who are the reason MAKO can earn an honor like this.”

Winning the award once would be worthy of praise. However, the fact that the business has made the list for a matter of years points to its continuous accomplishments. Within this article, we will take a look at why MAKO Medical Laboratories has been recognized.

MAKO Medical Prioritizes Employee Satisfaction 

First things first, Chad Price, CEO of MAKO Medical Laboratories has always put employee satisfaction first. Since starting the business abc in 2014, that has been central to the development of the business. There are many ways in which the entrepreneur supports his staff members. For example, the business employs a variety of veterans within its ranks. Utilizing these talented individuals to their best advantage and allowing them to use their diverse skill-set has helped the company flourish in recent years. 

Aside from being selective about the caliber of the staff employed, the founders of the business also support their staff members. Whether that means offering regular progression opportunities or training on the job, the MAKO Medical team is given every chance to excel within the business. By fostering a growth culture and making sure that the staff has the support that they need to reach their full potential, Chad Price increases employee satisfaction. This is an ethos that runs from the top of the business down.

An Exemplary Work-Life Balance 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, MAKO Medical Laboratories has processed more than 10 million tests. When battling with such a high workload, it is extremely vital to make sure that employees also have a work-life balance. Burnout is extremely common with 79 percent of employees experiencing some form of stress related to their jobs. Preventing this particular issue is an area in which the company excels. Each of the staff members has ample opportunities to get the rest that they need and advice on how to manage. Chad Price knows that in order to get the best out of workers you have to support them. 

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As a contentious employer, it is important to make sure that the team is not under too much pressure. For that reason, as the demand for COVID-19 testing began to increase, the CEO of MAKO MEdical Laboratories, Chad Price, upscaled the business. Over the course of just a year, the company went from having around 300 employees to more than 1,000. This shift allowed the business to offer speedy testing and results without putting any of the team members under undue pressure. You might say that it was a win-win scenario. 

Encouraging Growth in the Business 

Modern-day workers want to progress in their field. That may mean getting a promotion or learning a new skill. Staying still is not an option. Over at MAKO Medical Laboratories, staff members have the chance to develop their skill-set while on the job. Learning new methodologies or approaches, working with new technology, and expanding their existing talents are at the core of the company values. That means that these workers get countless opportunities to become more accomplished within their given sector. 

Employee retention is vital to the success of any startup. Having the right team working day in, and day out makes all the difference. One sure-fire way to lose a staff member is by failing to see their potential. This is a pitfall that has never stricken CEO Chad Price. By ensuring that each of the team members gets the treatment they deserve, he has single-handedly created a culture of growth and education within MAKO Medical Laboratories. Investing in existing employees makes the entire business stronger and more robust. 

The Takeaway

The latest award from Forbes Magazine is a testament to the hard work that MAKO Medical Laboratories CEO Chad Price does every single day. The well-known entrepreneur has a knack for developing both working professionals and companies. 

With him taking the lead, the business has fast become a market disruptor, completely changing the commercial medical testing industry. Since the company started eight years ago, it has become a whirlwind success but the story doesn’t start and end there. The businessman has huge plans for MAKO Medical Laboratories in the coming years. By continually looking for gaps in the market, he ensures that the business stays relevant. 

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