Why Is CNN's Approval Rating For Trump 15 Points Lower Than Rasmussen's?

So As I Was Making This video Some Really Strange Things Were Happening To The Show…

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5 thoughts on “Why Is CNN's Approval Rating For Trump 15 Points Lower Than Rasmussen's?

  1. Because the Clinton News Network CNN has accountants that went to public schools, dumbed down and cannot count.

    • calling it Clinton News Network is so 2016 i called it Comedy News Network before they pushed that cucking helps marriages which i started calling them Cuck News Network then when they honored Kim Jong Un Sister at the Olympics i started calling them Communist News Network seeing how these arent insults if they themselves are pushing these things openly

    • Yup, that’s it… wait… one … second… isn’t this the same network that was completely wrong on ALL it’s polling last s/election cycle and gave Clinton a 98 percent chance of winning over Trump? Can’t trust any of these MSM outlets for accurate information as they all have an agenda and a narrative they follow and they skew their stories accordingly.
      Even the so-called alt-media is considerably one-sided and unless a person has hours a day to look into everything all they do is find the network that is closest to their ideologies and that’s the one they tune into for ALL there info.. It’s why we are so easily divided and kept fighting among ourselves over ridiculous things like this Russia BS, “gender” issues and cr@p that really doesn’t matter.

      • you know by this comment i think i was wrong about you i thought you were communist trash when you made your reply to me on gate im glad i was wrong seeing how you hate CNN and russian narrative goose chase is just for rating since CNN Van Jones admitted that it was just a nothing burger

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