Why is Google Search self-destructing? Are we approaching the end of the era of universal digital information?

via Reddit:

I use google search frequently. Most of it for work and education – not conspiracy. I have noticed a striking and rapid deterioration in the results I am getting over the last month or so.

Example: I use google to search Stackoverflow.com to help me remember how the muck around and program up web servers, etc. The details are intense, and unless you do it every day you forget. So I used to get 3 whole pages about this detailed type of stuff, but now I get complete junk – a few bad hits and then a bunch of totally unrelated business ads, etc.

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But it’s not just this particular use case – I find all my searches bring back a listing that is just seriously inferior to what I have come to expect, across the board!

This has already been discussed in an earlier post, but I think it warrants more attention. We have seen how the so-called “fake flag shooters” somehow precipitated huge changes to Youtube searches. Now we have more changes that are supposed to be the result of the European Union’s GDPR law. And on another front, we have seen how closely manipulated Wikipedia can be. It just feels like something bigger is happening. Your thoughts on this?

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Here’s the post that blew up 5 days ago here:


Here’s a bit about losing google search features (Image Search):




Here’s a post that gets to how critical stackoverflow is:



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