Why moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem is a very bad idea


Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem removes all hope of any Two State peace solution.

A 2 state solution requires that the Palestinians have their section of Jerusalem as their Capital. The Palestinian leadership cannot accept any Peace Deal on any other terms. If they did they would get lynched by the ordinary Palestinians who have been fighting for their own viable state for the last 70 years.

Trump just gave carte blanche to Netanyahu to demolish whatever Palestinian areas they have left in Jerusalem proper, ethnically cleanse the area and install Jewish settlers after turfing out the Palestinians to the suburbs or countryside, who have lived in Jerusalem proper for centuries.

So the only peace option left is a One State solution. There are two sub-options in this.

Option 1,

A democratic state where everybody has an equal right to vote and equal rights overall.

The Palestinians already outnumber the Jews in Israel as a whole and their population is increasing much faster than the Jewish one. In this option the Palestinians would take over the government and start kicking the Jews out of Israel, or discriminating against the Jews (as the Jews currently do to the Palestinians).

Netanyahu, Likud and the Jewish Settler parties are NEVER going to allow this option.

Option 2.

Israel takes complete control of the West Bank without any pretense of a “Palestinian Authority”. In order to retain control of the government the Israelis would have to OVERTLY operate an Apartheid State (instead of one they try and hide) and deny the Palestinians living inside what is now annexed Israeli territory the vote.

Netanyahu knows this is an impossible sell to the EU (and South America and Africa and pretty much everywhere else except the US, UK and Canada) and so it won’t work.

So the only other option is Perpetual War within Israel/Palestine itself and the neighboring Arab countries. War against neighboring countries is required to keep the Israeli domestic population under control so they don’t shout too loudly for a peace deal with the Palestinians. See George Orwell’s 1984 for how to control a domestic population using Perpetual War.

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The option of Perpetual War is the one Netanyahu and Likud have been pursuing for the last 25 years (at least).

So there will never be peace in the Middle East – at least not until Netanyahu’s or Likud’s primary backer (the US) collapses and can no longer support him/them.

The passion with which Palestinians view this issue was much in evidence on the day the US Embassy was opened in Jerusalem on May 14th.
Tens of thousands of unarmed Palestinians faced off murderous Israeli snipers who had already murdered around 50 unarmed Palestinians in Cold Blood over the last 6 weeks, who were protesting the “Great March of Return” to be allowed to return to their homes across the border from Gaza.

70 or 80% of the Palestinian families now living in Gaza were forcibly removed from their homes in what is now Israel, in a campaign of Mass Terror by the Israeli militias, when Israel was first created in 1948.
The Palestinians call this the “Nakba” or disaster.

The Israeli response to the tens of thousands of unarmed Palestinians protesting the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem was indiscriminate murder with live ammunition.
60 Palestinians were murdered (latest count). This number is expected to increase with some of those currently critically injured not surviving their injuries.
A massive 2,400 Palestinians were injured through being shot or from other Israeli attacks and weapons.
This was a MASSACRE of huge scale on unarmed civilians.

The latest details and casualty count of the massacre by Israel on May 14th

The violence in Palestine/Israel will certainly increase, going forward, as a result of this massive Israeli War Crime.

Trump is bare faced lying when he says he “wants Peace”.
Even he must know that his moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, will have the exact opposite effect.

Trump has made the US more isolated and hated around the world, with this move.
He has guaranteed that more Americans will be killed by Terrorist attacks, around the world and possibly in the US itself.

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More US soldiers will be killed in places like Iraq, because of the increase in hate against America that Trump has just deliberately generated.
This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of “Supporting The Troops”.

Western Europe certainly does not support this move.
The leaders of the UK, France and Germany did not send any representatives to the US Embassy opening – thy would have suffered a loss of popularity at home if they had done so.

List of Shame: 32 countries who applauded the US Embassy move to Jerusalem, which ends any hope of Peace in Palestine and the Middle East in general

Sunday’s elections in Iraq were a big win for the radical Shia cleric al-Sadr and a big loss for the current US puppet Hayder Abadi.

This is a substantial blow to the Neocons and their current Occupation of Iraq.
More pressure will be applied on the US to withdraw their troops.

It is not known how much Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem helped al-Sadr to his big win, but it certainly didn’t help the US puppet PM Abadi.

Iraq election: Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr alliance set to win

Key Iraqi Cleric Sadr Takes Substantial Lead in Weekend Vote.
Prime Minister Abadi’s coalition in third place

We can expect similar sorts of a drop off in US support (or increase in hate) from ordinary people across the Middle East and Europe.
Levels of US support will also drop in South America and Africa – where the Chinese will be the big winners.

Trump has weakened America’s Geopolitical position with his reckless and insane move of the Embassy to get $30m of donations from rabid anti America, Israel Firster Sheldon Adelson, for the mid-terms.

The Zionist and Globalist Oligarchs will cause the end of the American Empire and the Death of America itself by economic collapse.


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