Why the coronavirus cases are still going up?

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by Kcthonian

1) Not everyone is wearing masks.

2) Even if you wear a mask, it doesn’t guarantee you won’t pass it to someone else. It just reduces chances.

3) People can be absent minded about all this. It isn’t like most of us have a lot of practice, which makes it understandable. But I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen wearing gloves…. and then reach up with the gloves on to adjust their glasses/touch their face/adjust their masks, etc.

4) Some people aren’t washing their hands any more than they normally would.

5) This thing can live on some surfaces for 3 days. So, someone who is contageous breaths/sneezes/coughs on a metal surface. 2 days later someone touches that surface and rubs their eye. Boom. Infected.

6) People don’t get the concept of Asymptomatic, Pre-symptomatic and Post-symptomatic spread. We’re so used to illnesses being spread by obviously, visually, sick people that it’s hard for many to wrap their minds around it. Ie: the consensus of, “stay home if you feel sick” doesn’t work here because you are spreading it 5 days before you feel sick and 5 days after you feel better.




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