Why the Pfizer CEO selling 62% of his stock the same day as the vaccine announcement looks bad

by Right_Trick_5848


Selling majority shares in this type of scenario usually means you believe the share price is pretty much at an all time high.

But if their is confidence in the vaccine with it being deemed a success then the share price should go up further, conversely if it doesn’t perform well, then it will have negative effects on the share price.

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The action of the CEO potentially points to the fact that he isn’t very confident in the performance his own product

We can see for example in the below link where 3% of the vaccinated people developed a severe issue up to the point where they have been unable to work and resume normal daily activities.

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And this only shows the short terms affects and the data could very well be incomplete. Long term affects are obviously an unknown but could potentially affect much more than 3%.







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