Why Was Hillary’s Girl Friday, Huma Abedin Discussing a Funds Transfer from Ukraine to UAE? Why Was She a Member of the Secret Service of Ukraine Group (SBUSTATE), and the SES? Is THIS the Ukraine-ISIS Ratline? Wew Laddies n Lassies, Buckle Up

by nothingberg

This One line of Metadata in HRC’s 80 missing pages might imply Huma Abedin was a liason to the Ukraine Secret Service (SBUSTATE) … I believe this implies group membership, notice she’s sending an email regarding a FUNDS Transfer to UAE from Ukraine. What’s THAT all about?


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From: Sent: To: Subject: “Abedin, Huma” <SBUSTATE/SES/RECIPIENTS/ABEDINH> 9/1/2011 8:35:09 AM +00:00 ‘hdr22@clintonemail.com‘ Fw: (SBU) proposed answer to UAE re funds transfer for TNC RELEASE IN PART B4,B5,B7(E),B6 From: Feltman, Jeffrey D Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2011 02:44 AM To: Sullivan, Jacob J; Abedin, Huma; Wells, Alice G Subject: FW: (SBU) proposed answer to UAE re funds transfer for TNC Jake, Huma, Alice- You might want to give Sa head’s up on something, in case AbZ pulls her aside today in Paris. AbZ, whom I met last night, blasted me. He said that the UAE yesterday (Wednesday) had sent $370 million in UAE cash to the TNC, to be able to announce in Paris that the UAE had provided salary support for Eid al-Fitr. The funds were immediately blocked as they transited the U.S. financial system; we blocked them. This was not Libyan money or frozen assets; this was a UAE direct loan, based on the UAE using the Libyan frozen assets in the UAE as a type of UAE-based “soft collateral.” He was furious. We 1 ve scratched around. The UAE sent the money to the Libyan Arab Foreign Bank (also called the Libyan Foreign Exchange Bank), which is a specifically sanctioned entity by the UN. (It’s one of the three we hope to lift sanctions from, but for the moment it is sanctioned.) So Iasked the desk to work with Land EEB to give us language, below. I have already contacted AbZ’s assistant (as AbZ is still getting his beauty rest) to give him the points below. But 5 should be aware of this issue. Cheers, Jeff

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NOTE: Huma is forwarding this email from jeff TO hillary and apparently to the SBUSTATE and SES team so that they are made aware of it.

So the person saying “we blocked it” is JEFF, … –NOT– Huma. That is important.

UPDATE: I now believe SBU in this context does NOT mean Ukraine but instead “Sensitive but unclassified”, and that is why we’re able to see the entire message. And I believe that because SBU comes up in non-ukraine contexts in teh wikileaks emails. Here is an example, about Gaza


This new information does not affect the post above. I believe Ratliners tried to do a fund transfer from Ukraine to UAE and some honest employee fucked it up.

Source is Judicial Watch




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