Why We Can Work from Home Forever & Never Go Back to the Office


What does the future of the workplace actually look like? 

When looking at the UK in particular, before the Coron virus outbreak 68% of British employees had never worked from home before. Fast-forward to now and the majority of British employees, 57% in fact, choose to rather work from home than go into the office. For some businesses it has been a blessing, take a UK-based IT Support in London Service Provider for example – they are now able to offer their services to so many more people around the UK. 

Businesses had to step up and figure out ways in which to better equip their staff to work from home. After realizing that it can be done – the concerns that management had about productivity, collaboration, connectivity, and distractions were basically vanished. With the support that was being provided to businesses by services such as IT Support Services in London and other regions – you can have fully connected employees who are able to be monitored and effectively use their day to get stuff done while knowing they have reliable remote assistance on hand. The support that these kinds of companies offer business-owners for their staff who work from home is invaluable and truly helps in a massive way. Your employees are kept happy and working efficiently while their hardware is monitored and maintained too. 

The main worry for most employees was that working from home would make us less productive as we did not have the chance for public accountability to take place, there was reason for daily routines to become disrupted, and the seeming lack of deadlines would all account for less work actually being done. There was a belief that human nature requires structure and this sense of public accountability in order to ensure productivity. But that has surely been proved wrong in the last year and a half!

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Managers have slowly begun to realize that it is about the outcome of work and not the location – if things are getting done on time and properly, why should there be a need for an office? With solutions provided by IT Companies in London for example, you are able to stay connected and maintain that sense of togetherness. Your IT Support Provider will ensure you and your teammates are connected to Microsoft Teams or other conferencing tools, your documents are shareable and stored in a safe place where everyone can access them, and so on. There really is no excuse not to be connected when working from home! 

It may have been tough to conceive in our minds just a few years ago but the traditional mindset of an office should be thrown away for good. Whether that means you will be using hybrid offices, distributed offices, or no office at all – the fact will remain that the conventional and traditional office will never be the same again. 


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