Why YouTubers Are Depressed: Investigative documentary series exposes fraudulent “BetterHelp” online therapy service and how they’ve engaged in a propaganda campaign with the help of “high profile” Youtubers.

by axolotl_peyotl

This conspiracy theory has so many layers that it’s almost too much to fathom.

A few days ago, pewdiepie posted this video about his concerns over the questionable “Better Help” online therapy service.

Some of the major red flags concerning this service are the fact that despite claiming “HIPAA” certification and that their therapists are “vetted” thoroughly, if you actually read the terms of service, they offer zero guarantee regarding the credentials of these “therapists” and that the HIPAA “certification” is fraudulent and literally made up.

In addition, many major youtubers happened to experience “psychological problems” at around the same time…and then just happened to stumble upon BetterHelp and start promoting the service aggressively.

Another aspect of this fraud is that people with genuine mental health and depression problems are routinely turned away from the service, strongly suggesting that they are focusing their predatory sights on those who are only somewhat, or even “superficially”, depressed.

While pewdiepie’s video is a good place to start, and credit to him for using his platform in a positive way like this, another youtuber named Memology 101 has been doing the lion’s share of work in exposing this incredibly deceptive and pernicious conspiracy.

His documentary series is called “Why YouTubers Are Depressed” and is worth watching in its entirety, so here are all the parts so far:

Episode 1: The Long Con, Feat. Boogie2988

Episode 2: The Rabbit Hole Goes Deeper

Episode 3: The Mind of a YouTuber, Feat. Shane Dawson

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Episode 4: The BetterHelp Experience, Feat. DSPGaming

Episode 5: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Episode 6: The Legitimacy of BetterHelp

Episode 7: BetterHelp Is the Help You Need But Not the One You Deserve

Episode 8: BetterHelp Spreading Like a Plague

Episode 9: BetterHelp and a New Era of Content, Feat. Keemstar

Episode 10: Damage Control and Going Global

Episode 11: The BetterHelp Backlash, Narrated by LyteSydeBill

Philip DeFranco’s BetterHelp Debacle: A Response

Philly D Contradicts Himself During an Interview

Something undeniably shady is occurring here. Will anything be done about it?


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