Widespread Corruption: Reps. Jordan, Biggs Demand Answers After Report Shows Continued FISA Court Abuses by FBI

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WASHINGTON, DC- As was seen during the Russia collusion hoax, the United States has some clear problems where it concerns the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA), as outlined in the 2019 report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

That report revealed a pattern of “abuses and deficiencies in the FBI’s FISA process.” Now, Fox News tells us that Republican House members Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Andy Biggs (R-AZ) are railing against FBI Director Christopher Wray after more allegations of “widespread” FISA violations were revealed.

In his 2019 findings, Horowitz found the FBI had misused the FISA process in order to spy on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. It also outlined 17 significant “errors or omissions,” as well as 51 “incorrect or unsupported factual assertions” in the FBI’s application to conduct warrantless surveillance.

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That report partially served as a basis for the Trump administration to make repeated claims of abuse by the FBI where it concerns the FISA process. Last year, Wray said the actions taken to obtain the Page warrant were “unacceptable” and told lawmakers they “cannot be repeated.” Apparently not so much.

Last week, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence declassified an opinion from the FISC—the court that has oversight authority over the FISA system—which both lawmakers said showed the FBI “has been seriously and systematically abusing its warrantless electronic surveillance authority.”

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That opinion, issued in November spoke to the agency’s “apparent widespread violations” of privacy rules, Fox noted, claiming such occurred “in conducting surveillance under section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act,” however wasn’t related to the warrant against Page.


Ironically, there were 1,830 people targeted in 2018 for surveillance, which then dropped to the 1,059 number in 2019. The drop in FISA warrants after the increased scrutiny brought forth by the Carter Page revelations cannot be dismissed. In other words, it seems after they got caught, they stopped spying on American citizens.



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