Will Robots Replace American Workers?

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By Gabrielle Seunagal
A recent report by the Los Angeles Times indicates that up to 38% of American jobs are at risk of being occupied by robots by the early 2030s. This alarming prediction is based on the advancement rates of artificial intelligence and technology. Food service, hospitality, truck driving, and other low wage jobs are at risk of being automated. Many Americans who work in these fields should be alarmed, thus working towards jobs or careers that require particular skill sets.
The study confirms the increasing gap between the rich and poor members of society. Americans with careers or jobs that require skills and/or education shall continue to thrive in the working world while blue-collar workers are replaced by artificial intelligence. Service industry jobs are dying. It is critical for Americans to obtain prowess if they wish to succeed in the modern world.

In theory, the rise of artificial intelligence in the workforce serves as an offshoot of Darwinism. Darwinism is the theory that circumstances arise which allow for only the fittest members of society to thrive, while their weaker counterparts are left behind. The ‘fitter’ Americans who possess expertise, education, and value will continue to advance; those without the needed capabilities will be left behind. It is pure natural selection at work. Individuals who aspire to prosper in the modern world will take the necessary steps to ensure their success.
The White House’s Council of Economic Advisors asserts an 83% chance that workers who make under $20/hr will be succeeded by artificial intelligence and demoted to the unemployment line. For a plethora of service industry workers, this should serve as a severe warning. Many young people are working for less than $20/hr. The time to acquire skill sets is now. The world is advancing. Technology is advancing. We the people must also advance. Those who fail to upgrade their areas of expertise will not make it.

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11 thoughts on “Will Robots Replace American Workers?

  1. Dear Gabrielle Seunagal,
    Get a clue. There are many falsehoods in your article. Blue collar jobs are not the only ones at risk at automation, $350,000 financial analysts are being automated NOW in the banking industry. WHITE COLLAR jobs are at risk NOW.
    More than 95MM people in the US ready and able to work but no longer look are not just banjo playing hillbillies, foolish girl.
    The whole back office has been automated, google it.
    The time frame for automation is not ALWAYS 15, 20, 30 years away. It is here NOW. The only jobs that will be automated last are person to person point of sale businesses, that’s why I was a Paramedic…last job to go…last job you’d want, too.
    Lawyers, doctors, judges, and architects have been successfully simulated, many times at better skill levels than their human trainers.
    Short order cooks, fast food joints, are already successfully replaced, only public sentiment being the block to ubiquitous adoption of the technology. I WOULD want a burger without some low grade feces laiden person handling my food…I WOULD go to a doctor that was AI, IF it was programmed not to NOT find cancer or other diseases the insurance company that owns the machine wouldn’t want to pay for to treat.
    What is wrong with you? Learn about the propaganda technique called, “Predictive Programming.”

    • Awwwwh! You sound like a talentless nobody. Darwinism will eventually weed you out. Have fun while you can. ????

      • All you have is an ad hominem attack?
        Affirmative Action, in action.
        You are dismissed, honey. Unlike you, I already have children. I’ll live forever.

        • I do think for myself. You just didn’t like what I had to say. Too bad, grow up. I bet your kids hate you.

          • I entered this discussion, not for you, because I KNOW you can’t argue with a lunatic or idiot, but for others that may learn by this example.
            You are flat out wrong. Your article is completely wrong:
            “Six jobs are eliminated for EVERY robot introduced into the workforce, new report reveals…
            Between 1990 and 2007, robots led to the loss of 670,000 manufacturing jobs.”
            Original article abstract:
            To review, robots and AI, through computer implementations and not cloud computing have been eliminating jobs for at LEAST as long as 26 years. This study was narrow to make it seem less threatening, but it cuts across ALL occupations, so sorry.
            Catch up.

          • I’m not wrong; you’re just a delusional lunatic lol. My article is quite accurate. I hyperlinked all of my sources and expanded upon them. America is evolving. Deal with it or get left behind. My career will never be succeeded by artificial intelligence. My work requires expertise and unique thoughts, but I’m guessing that yours doesn’t. If you don’t want to be replaced by a robot, gain a desired skill and then learn how to market and earn a profit. End of story. You can whine and name call all you want, won’t change the inevitable.

          • “AP’s ‘robot journalists’ are writing their own stories now”
            Another example that you’ve already been replaced, 2 years ago.
            The intelligence white collar workers are the MOST vulnerable to be replaced. That’s the point I’m making as well. IBM’s Watson already does better Dx than human docs, Google’s DeepMind does better problem solving than ANY human group. They think it’s already sentient, but google’s (sic) assburger’s people really don’t know what people are like…
            You are mistaken as to why there is a wealth gap between the rich and poor. The working class, salaried workers cannot invest a reasonable amount of money to get in on the rigged stock market largess that the wealthy can. That is the ONLY reason for the wealth gap. Access to investment instruments.

  2. All these sort of clickbsit stories sre based on the assumption the technocracy sociopaths will win. We aren’t civilized enough to even exist at this point. Mix in robots snd war will be on for dominance.
    And by the way, didn’t anyone see the predictive programing whistle blowing movie The Terminator??

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