Will The Stock Market CRASH In 2019?

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the very real potential of a stock market crash in 2019 as many economists believe we have entered a bear market.
For many years we have just avoided the inevitable. Massive levels of centralization and market manipulation, Fed money pumped into the system, the stock market should have crashed years ago, but it has been propped up.
The major question on many peoples’ minds is how long can it be perpetuated? It’s absolutely incredible it has been put off as long as it has. We cannot put a date on a crash, but 2019 doesn’t look good at least at face value.
With a bankrupt banking system, the everything bubble including the housing bubbles, auto bubble, student loan bubble, pension bubble, global derivatives bubble, stock market bubble, tech bubble and failing fiat monetary system, the very notion of what may happen when the dominoes start to fall is shocking. It will be the largest crash of a financial system in history, but all the same, there are countless examples of solutions today in the age of technology. It’s all about how the free market treats the issue vs how the government attempts to desperately continue their paradigm while people fall into complete dependency. With education, self sustainability, responsibility and protection of purchasing power, we shall prevail, especially as decentralized blockchain technology gives people opportunities to create infrastructure that will replace governments and banks.

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The elites are covering their tracks! Janet Yellen said last year that there will not be another financial crisis in our lifetime. Now she’s warning of an imminent crash. Time to get prepared good people.

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