Will the USA casino industry continue to flourish in 2018?

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There is no doubt casino gambling has always been a major industry in the United States. Since its advent in 1931, casino gambling has dominated the reputation and nightlife of several cities and towns across the US, with Nevada and New Jersey being the most affected. For the better part of five decades, Nevada played a dominant role and was uncontested until New Jersey joined with an online platform.
Let’s look at some facts, the gambling and casinos industry is still one of the largest in the economy.  The industry directly employs more than 730,000 people and contributes a total of $137.5 billion to the economy every year. Statistics show that the global gross gambling yield (GGY) will see a significant growth in the next few years. By 2019, the worldwide annual GGY is expected to reach $511 billion.
As per the online casinos, the first state to pass a clear bill that legalized online slots, casino, and poker games was Nevada, and that was in 2010. New Jersey followed suit a couple of years later. Other states are expected to pass bills that seek to legalize online gambling, among which are California, New York, and Pennsylvania. Online gambling is no longer limited to PC’s, through apps each certified operator connects to our smartphones and other mobile devices with internet access, this has greatly contributed to the success of online gambling. 
During the period of 2018-2021, the casino and gaming industry is expected to register a 10% percent growth (CAGR) at a global level. The same is expected at the local level, with growth projections showing positive figures in the next few years. Financially, the casinos and gaming industry is expected to continue flourishing in the foreseeable future both in the US land establishments and in the online platforms.
In order to do so some operators like us.888casino.com, are expected in 2018 to introduce niche gaming, which is a way to get to know their players better. High-limit rooms are the quintessential example of niche gaming. Over time, the art of catering to a player’s particular gaming preferences has become more refined. By targeting specific players, niche gaming builds loyalty. And it’s something gaming establishments will seek to create this year.
The expanding internet access around the globe and rapid technological developments will enable the online gambling industry to continue flourishing and to expand its services further. The possibilities for growth are endless. It all depends on the creativity and reaching out of each operator to their players.
In fact online casinos don’t stop at poker, slots, roulette and blackjack they are involved in sports betting as well. Once the Supreme Court will rule by the majority decision if New Jersey and many other like-minded states will be able to allow legalized sports wagering, if that would happen, then a whole new source of revenue will open up not only for casino players but also for sports lovers. There are already a few sports betting apps in Play Store but none are located in New Jersey.
There is no certainty that there will be a majority of votes in favor of legalizing sports betting online in New Jersey but the discussions are on the way. This new category in the online betting industry in the USA will surely boost the already flourishing casino online industry.
Expanding the online casino industry into new categories that are already legalized in Europe but not yet in the USA and the use of electronic internet devices will allow consumers to connect easily and gain access to their favorite games and sports.

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