Will Walmart loose 100 billion in theft even with AI cameras

Walmart is using computer vision technology to monitor checkouts and deter potential theft and other causes of shrink in more than 1,000 stores, the company confirmed to Business Insider.
The surveillance program, internally called Missed Scan Detection, uses cameras to help identify and correct checkout scanning errors and failures.
Ireland-based Everseen is one of several companies supplying Walmart with the technology for its Missed Scan Detection program.
“We are continuously investing in people, programs and technology to keep our stores and communities safe,” a Walmart spokeswoman said.


Walmart has gone complete retard with self checkout. It’s really impossible
For them to monitor all of these transactions without taking huge losses.

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They had record losses in 2018/2019 before Covid.
Now inflation will cause desperation

Where do employees come into play
They are a key factor in rising losses.



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