Will We Go To War With North Korea? What Is Happening In The Markets Due To Two Historic Events Taking Place? Huge Challenge For The Trump Presidency.

by Ruby Henley
We woke up this morning, August 29, 2017, to hear the UN Security Council is meeting on North Korea.  Russia surprisingly said “sanctions do not work.” President Trump has also spoken about putting new sanctions on China.
We know that North Korea just launched a missile over Japan.  Some say it was actually three missiles, and some say it was one broken into three parts.  We do not know yet what President Trump wants to do, but he just said “all options are on the table.” Are talks going on behind the scenes between the United States and North Korea?  It does not appear to be happening. However, the current war games between the United States and Japan have not helped the situation. North Korea is determined to become a nuclear power, and the United States is going to have to accept that or go to war.  Which will it be?
President Trump is flying to Texas today to oversee the floods in Houston; however, this morning, we hear it is has become more severe.  Plus, now Louisiana is flooding, so Trump has his hands full, a historic challenge to any Presidency.  However, Trump has remained calm and focused.  Below are three BLOOMBERG videos that will help bring all of this into perspective.

How are the markets reacting to possible war with North Korea and the deluge in Texas from Hurricane Harvey?
Stocks slumped across Europe and Asia and havens including gold jumped after North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan, rattling markets from London to Sydney. Gasoline climbed as energy companies braced for another hit from Tropical Storm Harvey.
As equities retreated, volatility rose and bonds gained in classic risk-off moves. U.S. stock futures also tumbled, Treasuries jumped and the dollar weakened. Gold surged to the highest this year, while the Swiss franc and the yen were the best-performing major currencies. The euro climbed above $1.20 for the first time since 2015, adding yet another headwind for the region’s stocks. Gasoline headed for a sixth day of advances as Harvey picked up strength again after inundating refineries along the Texas coast.

With Hurricane Harvey continuing to wreak havoc in Texas, its full economic impact is still unclear. Current estimates range from $30 billion to $100 billion, either of which would make the hurricane among the world’s most costly catastrophes since at least 1970. And this is happening in what was considered a few short weeks ago as a fairly tame weather year. According to Swiss Re, total economic losses from disasters were $44 billion in the first half of 2017, down 62 percent from the first half in 2016. The biggest losses were from thunderstorms, and more than half of the $44 billion was insured. Although forecasters are reluctant to estimate how much of Harvey’s damage insurers might pay, Chuck Watson, a disaster modeler with Enki Research, puts the figure at about 27 percent, far less than the 47 percent paid out for Hurricane Katrina.
It’s already clear that “an abnormally high portion of economic damage caused by flooding will not be covered,” according to an Aon Plc alert to clients cited in a Bloomberg News story. This scenario doesn’t make sense from a human perspective, and lawmakers in Congress are moving on measures to provide emergency funding.
Most Houston properties aren’t in zones that require flood insurance.

But the shortfall doesn’t make sense from a market perspective either — not when there is ready money willing to backstop this type of risk. Debt investors are clearly interested in buying catastrophe bonds. These securities raise money for covering disasters by offering holders above-market returns to compensate for the risk that severe losses could wipe out principal. Investors bought a record amount of such debt in the three months ended June 30, according to industry trade publication Artemis, and many deals had more potential buyers than bonds to sell.
The National Flood Insurance Program has yet to attempt offloading risk in public bond markets. In fact, it only just started working with insurance companies to offset potential losses, purchasing reinsurance for storm losses above $4 billion earlier this year, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. Theoretically, it would be cheaper for the government to get financed through an open market process. While flood-linked catastrophe bonds wouldn’t be the entire solution, they could be an important tool for filling the funding gap, according to Gary Martucci, an S&P Global credit analyst.
Rebuilding from floods will only become more costly for taxpayers in the years ahead. Many analysts expect large, unpredictable storms to become more frequent as seas get warmer. For now, there’s an odd disconnect between the market for flood insurance and everything else.
As the rest of the U.S. helps Houston rebuild itself, it’s important to find ways to expedite future recoveries. This means that the program will have to be honest about the amount it needs to charge homeowners, and work with investors to determine a reasonable price to pay for protection against catastrophes.  This is only going to become more common. It’s irresponsible not to deal with it head on now.

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8 thoughts on “Will We Go To War With North Korea? What Is Happening In The Markets Due To Two Historic Events Taking Place? Huge Challenge For The Trump Presidency.

  1. We have to go to war with SOMEBODY – ANYBODY – to try and save the dollar.
    Or at least be able to blame the collapse on.
    The US government is much like Hillary; EVERYONE else is to blame.

    • Growing up in the 80s we saw that as just an “American thing”…..never to blame for anything bad, always the good guy.
      Post Traumatic stress syndrome in soldiers can largely be pinned on soldiers fighting, doing what they are ordered to do, then coming home and realizing THEY WERE THE BAD GUYS and nobody wants to hear about it.
      What is going on has been building up for over a century, yet if something happens people will blame trump, which is why he is there. If there was no Trump, there wouldn’t be Antifa! The jews put psychopaths in positions of authority in America, and that is what the world sees, from the top down. It’s all been done before, like Germany after world war 1. At least back then Germans knew what they were up against, most Americans are punching at air with a blindfold on.

      • Your comment is spot-on regarding the PTSD; I know guys that after 9/11 were “going to go over there and kill me some fucking ragheads”, only to find out that most of these people had absolutely no idea 9/11 had even happened, let alone they’d gotten blamed for it!
        Many were just simple people, repelling an invader that was destroying their country and their way of life, killing anything and everything, and THAT is what haunts our ‘Khaki Heroes’.
        And NOW – I wonder how the US military now feels in aiding and abetting ISIS – while their ‘leaders’ back home try to scare their families with Tales of Terror that “ISIS is gunning for you and wants to chop your heads off!”, and that they must subject themselves to being felt up and new laws of absolutely illegal warrantless searches – just ‘approved’ by ‘our leaders’.
        Sad that the world sees the truth of the US – and it’s owners, Israel – but the people of the US don’t, can’t……or won’t.
        “A nation with a collective, room-temp IQ”

  2. I linked over to the CoreLogic vid.
    Know when an article is 100% bullshit?
    They disable the comments.
    Only 8 view so far – yet they don’t want people like me contradicting the fodder for the sheep.

    • keep it up !
      if they ban you you can still vote the jerks down on disqus, lots of opertunities at abcnews vote the rare good one up.

  3. Truth telling to the US citizens is at an all time high now that Prez TRUMP is in office , we have been LIED into such a mess it is hard to notice the truth with all the distracting NOISE from the jerks , like the truth about our anti-missile program and how much we where charged for a system and spares that DON’T WORK ? IF these things worked at all we could shoot down these crap ICBMs that fall apart over Japan from our boats there constantly at our expense. TRUTH on view is embarrassing when this junk obviously DOES NOT WORK!

    • In truth, nothing is being said that most of us didn’t already know about. It is just being confirmed at higher levels. They have to do this to give you some sense of hope that things will get better (alex jones did the same thing, for years he didn’t even go near “zionism”) Things won’t get better. Trump is very much part of the Deep State, which is the jew state. The jew state runs everything from banking and finance, to media, government, education, sports, healthcare. His kids are married to these types for god sakes. America is the ONE TRUE ZION the jews have been after all along (not the Israel sideshow). The biggest enemy of the jews is white people, because they are more aware of the tactics and playbook they use. Ask the Russians! The Bolsheviks killed 60+ million of them, and are getting ready to drop the hammer in America. Christians have been fooled into siding with these foul creatures, and until they see them for what they are, the jews are gathering everyone else to be on THIER SIDE to fight. The black man has always blamed “whitey” but some blacks like Malcolm X saw the truth. It’s not whitey at all….ITS JEW! The jews control the muslims like a proxy army, and like blacks, are dumb enough not to see the truth. Wake up America before it’s too late!

  4. As 42 year Army Vet who spent over two years on two tours in Korea, war is a BS solution. There is only one logical SOLUTION. That is for Japan to politely tell Red China that since THEY can NOT control their surrogate, Comrade Kim, Japan is forced to Nuke up with the highest/newest state of the Art Nucleur Weapons. That will definitely git the Chi-Coms attention.
    Second, The US must strongly inform Red China that if the US gits nuked or EMP and we believe it is more than a 50% chance that N Korea was behind it we will unleash a total nuclear response against Red China since they are the source of the technical knowledge and allowed North Korea to develop those weapons.
    Otherwise we will lose one city at a time till we are bled out or just EMPed so our entire nation collapses!

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