Will You Turn Away Family, Friends And Neighbors At Your Door When America’s Day Of Disaster Arrives?

By Michael Snyder
How will you handle all of the people that will show up at your door when a major crisis strikes because they haven’t been making any preparations of their own?  Earlier today somebody asked me about this on Facebook, and I thought that it was a very good question, because thousands of my readers will be faced with this precise dilemma at some point.  When America’s day of disaster arrives, it is inevitable that most of us that are prepping will have family, friends and neighbors showing up at our door asking for help.  When that happens, what will you do?
There are some people out there that are very honest about the fact that they do not plan to share what they have stored up with anyone, and that even close family members will be greeted with a shotgun if they show up unannounced.
Personally, I could never do that.  My wife and I have always had the philosophy that we need to work extra hard to prepare because there will be people that need to depend on us when times get really hard.  And turning away those that are in desperate need would go against everything that we stand for.  After all, I am even writing a book that is all about the true meaning of love, and so it would be quite hypocritical of me to turn away those that I care about when they need me the most.
And even if I wanted to be cold-hearted, my wife would never let me get away with it.  She has such a soft heart that she literally can’t bear to even see a bug die.  We often have spiders invade our place, and when she sees one she gently captures it and sets it free outside.  I tell her that they will just breed and come back in even bigger numbers, but that doesn’t seem to matter to her.  So needless to say we are going to have to find a non-violent way to deal with our spider problem.
But I certainly understand the frustrations of those that have been trying to warn family and friends about what is coming for years and they never seem to listen.
And it is true that resources are limited.  For the vast majority of us, there is only so much money and energy that we can put into prepping, and so why should those that have refused to listen to the warnings and prepare in advance be able to benefit from all of our hard work?
Unfortunately, life is not always fair.  And we also need to realize that there is a tremendous amount of deception going on out there these days.  Millions of people have fallen prey to silver-tongued deceivers that are promising them that everything is going to be okay.  Some of the deceptions that are currently circulating are very strong, and it can be very easy to be sucked into them.  So we need to have compassion for those that have been led into confusion.
Recently, I had another person contact me on Facebook and ask me a very alarming question.  She was wondering if we should completely stop preparing because a certain high profile person was saying that the years ahead were going to be wonderful.  In response, the first thing that I did was to show her that it is very easy to demonstrate that what this particular individual was claiming was false.  Like many other members of the “wishful thinking brigade”, this particular individual had mixed a few things that sounded true with other things that were obviously false.  And this particular individual had compounded his error by publicly stating that he hopes that God will smite those that speak against him.
Someone needs to tell him that it is extremely unwise to go around saying stuff like that.
Look, there are literally thousands of watchmen all across this country that have never wavered from warning America about what is coming even for a moment.  That is because they are standing on the truth and not on wishful thinking that is the product of overactive imaginations.
The ingredients for the “perfect storm” that so many watchmen have been warning about for ages are starting to come together right before our eyes.  We are closer to World War III than we have been in decades, our politicians are openly admitting that our relations with Russia are at “an all-time low”, the federal government is 20 trillion dollars in debt, our nation is on the verge of being torn apart by strife and civil unrest, the financial markets are primed for a crash of epic proportions, there are mass die-offs of animals all over the globe, and natural disasters are happening with frightening regularity as the crust of our planet rattles and shakes.
But we are somehow supposed to believe that “everything is going to be wonderful” even though we continue to kill babies on an industrial scale, just about every form of sexual immorality that you can possibly imagine is exploding all around us, our “entertainment” industry is an open sewer, and we lead the world in both legal and illegal drug use.
I’ve got dozens more facts that I could quote regarding our moral decay, but I think that you get the point.
If we actually changed our behavior, I could understand why it would make sense for America to be blessed.
But we haven’t changed our behavior, and there are no signs that this is going to happen any time soon.
As humans, we have the freedom to choose, but those choices inevitably have consequences.
The same thing is true for our nation as a whole.  We have made a whole bunch of exceedingly bad choices, and those choices are going to result in some incredibly painful consequences.
So you can do whatever you want, but my wife and I are going to continue to get prepared.  America is headed for a date with disaster, and those that are suggesting otherwise are not being honest with you.

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9 thoughts on “Will You Turn Away Family, Friends And Neighbors At Your Door When America’s Day Of Disaster Arrives?

  1. If people show up at your door because they know you have prepared, YOU HAVE FAILED!
    The first rule of prepping is STFU!

    • Bravo Roddy. Absolutely. Mister Mikey thinks a shotgun would stop a hungry mob. Too funny. What cartoon world does Mikey live in?
      I agree, as per the federal law, you are right, the government will “legally” take all supplies they feel they need and the database is there, cause if you bought your stuff online, or with a credit card, genius. It’s databased in perpetuity.
      Don’t forget the current federal law allows at the same time FORCED LABOR. So they’ll take your shit, and then make you part of a chain gang, ffs. That law is on the books already.

        • Well, I was a paramedic working in a large city for a long time. I’ve done more jobs than whole EMS depts do in years.
          Through all my research of “15 days to cannibalism,” etc., I’ve come to conclude only being able to be constantly mobile will you have a chance at survival. Even if you stay in one place for a while…
          I’ve traded my skills for a spot on one of those roving bands of men. Even in the worst places of the Bronx and Brooklyn, no gang member even touched me, as long as they could see even part uniform, because they knew it was only men and women like me that carried their asses to the hospital after we stabilized them for transport and they stay alive more often because of us.
          Works in other situations as well.
          I checked out your Campground, “There’s something for everyone.” Hehe. It’s funny that in the multicultural land of make believe that is Washington government, I saw only crackers in those pics advertising the place.

          • Over 30 years ago I used to drive the road that separates the campground
            and Boeing. I used to look out at the Winnebagos etc., and then I’d look
            over the expanse of Boeing Factory Buildings, and try to judge exactly
            how high 500 feet was. And then I’d wonder, hmm, a little to the left – – un – –
            a little to the right???
            Someday, Jeffrey, when you are on here, I’ve got a strange story for you
            from the ancient good old days in the Greater Seattle Area.
            I think the people in the story are so old or so half-dead that nobody could
            care any more. Wouldn’t give any identifiable names anyway, but there
            are a handful of people would know what I was talking about. haha

    • If they show up at your door – – – –
      The third rule is to have a door, – – –
      That wasn’t blown off of its hinges. – – –
      Goverrnment Will Come – – – Only if they know about it???
      I would suggest no bar-b-cued hamburgers
      No Shrimps on the Barbie – – –
      Do Not Open Any Food Containers – – –
      Their Bloodhounds are going to be real hungry.
      Isn’t Human Nature Interesting. In such an event there
      would likely be over a billion dead (plus or minus), but
      every person sees himself as surviving in reasonably
      good health. I looked it up in the sattelite picture for
      Kent Washington and it is still there. The Seattle Tacoma
      KOA Campground, complete with many permanent dwellers.
      Back in the Cold War Days, it was a known fact that roughly
      300 yards north, and maybe 500 feet high was the ground-zero
      for a Russian H-Bomb, Directly over Boeing Kent Aircraft Factory.
      I do not believe those that inhabit that KOA Campground think
      about it that often, but if you are going to do your prepping there,
      You better have a Very Strong Door, and very well packaged
      Food supplies.

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