Winning Is Contagious: On The Same Day Consumer Confidence Reaches Its Highest Level In 16 Years, Trump Reverses HNIC Anti-Coal Regulations

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Consumer’s confidence in March rocketed to the highest level more than 16 years, according to data released Tuesday. America’s middle class, in particular, registered huge gains in confidence.
Artemis Rand notes: Remember my thread last week how repairing the standard of living and the financial standing of America’s blue collar workers will MAGA ?
Well, this is a part of that. It is a LONG road though…

President Trump: “I just want to thank everybody in this room. You’re all very special people. In particular I want to thank the miners. You know, my guys they’ll get enough thanks, these people haven’t had enough thanks. They’ve had a hard time for a long time.”

The Bloomberg table below shows which states stand to benefit the most from today’s executive order.

Trump To Sign “Energy Independence” Order Killing Obama’s Climate Change Initiatives

Coming off a brutal Trumpcare defeat, delivered by members of his own party no less, Trump has decided to return to a strategy of progressing his policy initiatives through executive order.  As such, later today President Trump is set to sign a sweeping new “Energy Independence” executive order aimed at promoting domestic oil, coal and natural gas production by reversing much of Obama’s efforts to address climate change via his “Clean Power Plan”.

Obama’s Clean Power Plan was designed to cut carbon dioxide emissions from electricity by 32% by 2030 compared to 2005 levels and resulted in the collapse of the coal industry, including several large bankruptcies.  That said, the initiative has been in legal limbo since the Supreme Court stayed it while it was reviewed by a federal appeals court. The Trump administration now is expected ask that court to put the matter on hold to allow it time to revise or undo the measure — an action environmentalists have vowed to challenge.
Here is a summary of what Trump’s EO will seek to accomplish, via Axios:

  • Begin undoing the EPA Clean Power Plan than mandates cuts in carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants.


  • Undo several policies that wove climate change into federal decision-making, such as the Obama administration’s tally of a metric called the social cost of carbon, and a White House directive that agencies factor climate change into a range of permitting decisions.


  • Direct the Interior Department to end its moratorium on coal leasing on federal lands.


  • Direct EPA and Interior to review rules that govern oil and natural gas development, including EPA’s methane emissions rules for new sources and Interior’s rules that govern fracking on federal lands.


  • Scuttle a White House directive that required agencies to consider climate change when reviewing energy, infrastructure and other proposed projects under the National Environmental Policy Act.


  • Require federal agencies to broadly review existing rules and policies that might thwart energy development. They have 180 days to craft recommendations to address the problems.


  • Rescind several of Obama’s policy memos and orders on tackling climate policy broadly, such as the broad 2013 strategy document.
h/t Artemis Rand

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