Woke African American Activists Ask Trump to Save Chicago from Dem "Carnage"

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These guys are red pilling Chicago.

from the video:
“They are not trying to resolve the problems in this city, they need things to happen exactly the way they are happening….The fake news is that this city is a city for everyone….This is a city for the elite,” says Carter. He goes on to slam the city for looking like “a bomb has been dropped,” and looking “like a third-world country.”
“They want you to be focused on Donald Trump being the problem,” said Carter in the film; to which McKinley added, “why are we all messed up — Trump just got in there….Every day of the week there is a body count, 30 people shot up, 40 people shot up, that’s not ‘real fake,’”
“There is nothing fake about this guy [President Trump],” said Carter, “he tells you what he’s about. The fake is Barack Obama, the fake is Bill Clinton….They want you to believe that there is some white racist Republicans or some white racist conservative doing this. No, this is the Democrat machine; these are white and black racist Democrats that are doing this to us.

They have a lot more to say about planned poverty, too.
For more information about them:

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1 thought on “Woke African American Activists Ask Trump to Save Chicago from Dem "Carnage"

  1. Right on Brother. The Global BANKSTER Élite Scum own Both parties and are playin da Good Cop/Bad Cop game on us. I give Trump a 80/20 chance of bein Controlled Opposition, however I support him till the end. He is our LAST earthly hope!

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