Woke DAs Stop Cops From Preventing Crime

Recent reforms to police departments policies have led to less traffic stops, something experts are warning has led to more gun trafficking in major cities.

“In Philadelphia at one point… 80% of the illegal guns they took off the street were the result of car stops,” Former Philadelphia Deputy Commissioner Joseph Sullivan told Fox News. ” Legal vehicle investigations are a critical part of any gun violence strategy.”

But traffic stops have become less common in Philadelphia after the city council passed legislation aimed at limiting stops for minor violations, including expired vehicle registrations, a single brake or headlight that is broken, minor bumper damage, or using a car without an official certificate of inspection.

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But Sullivan argues the new rules have taken a tool out of the police toolbox, with traffic stops sometimes leading to police discovering other criminal activity. He noted that while a person may have been pulled over for a minor violation, oftentimes officers discover drivers that have a warrant for their arrest, are driving under the influence, or are in possession of illegal items such as drugs or weapons. Pulling back on stops has led to more criminals on the streets.



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