Woman awarded nearly 5 million dollars after police killed her son now facing 22 charges as she and 14 year old son used money to arm street gang

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A few months ago, Christina Lopez ended a four-year battle with the city of Fresno, Calif., over the death of her teenage son. The unarmed 16-year-old was fatally shot by a police officer in 2017, and his mother and the city had finally reached a $4.9 million settlement.

In the months that followed, Lopez, 42, used the money to buy a five-bedroom home on five acres of land in a western suburb of the Central Valley city, public records show.

She also spent thousands on guns, law enforcement said, and gave them to her 14-year-old son, who was selling them to fellow gang members.

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Now, Lopez faces 22 charges, including child endangerment and conspiracy to provide firearms to a minor for the benefit of a street gang. She could serve up to 10 years in state prison, according to Fresno County District Attorney Lisa A. Smittcamp. Her son was also charged.


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