Woman with ‘WiFi’ allergy sleeps in copper bag; Fears 5G may kill her

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A WOMAN who claims she is allergic to WiFi sleeps in a £400 copper sleeping bag and is terrified that the rollout of 5G will kill her.

Rosi Gladwell, 70, a self-diagnosed radiation sufferer has spent thousands of pounds protecting herself against WiFi over the years.

She believes the electromagnetic radiation from WiFi leaves her feeling weak, short of breath, and with pins and needles in her face.

She sleeps in her sleeping bag woven with silver and copper has a protective sheet she wraps around her body and a £200 hand-held radiation detector.

Rosi, from Totnes, Devon, has managed to cope by spending thousands of pounds to protect herself, but she said that she fears that 5G might literally kill her.

She said: “I’m actually quite frightened about the future.

“At the moment, I’ve managed to make myself safe by being fortunate enough to live in a house in the countryside where there are no measured electromagnetic frequencies.

If I go to a cafe I try to sit outside and if we go out to dinner I take my meter with me and then I can decide which seats have the least radiation and sit there, because it varies so much in a room.


“But if they introduce 5G then I don’t know what the future will bring. It’s a really scary issue.”




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