Woman’s battle with HOA ended with her losing home, them purchasing it for $3.24

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In 2010, Quigley was upset with her HOA’s billing process. Feeling ignored, she decided to take a stand and refused to pay her dues, which were about $700 that year. Instead of getting a meeting to work out the problem, she got letters from Lazega and Johanson, the law firm hired to collect on the debt.

When the Eagle Watch HOA in Cherokee County had a judgment to foreclose on her house to pay off her debt, she realized this was not a fight she could win. She agreed to pay the debt, which had grown through court costs and attorney fees to about $2,700.

“I went and title pawned my car. Walked in and paid them the $2,700 and when I walked out, I said, ‘this is all I owe, right?’ Yes,” Quigley recalled asking.

“When you lose your home, that’s hard,” said Quigley fighting back the tears.

But sadness quickly turned to anger, when she realized the HOA had purchased her home through foreclosure – for $3.24, a year before she was evicted.



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