Women bark like dogs against Trump supporters

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by Dr. Eowyn

On  October 3, 2020, supporters of President Trump held in street rally in Claremont California.

A group of enraged Biden supporters protested by barking and growling like dogs.

You tell me if this isn’t demonic possession.

Next, they’ll be spewing green bile and spinning their heads.

Ann Loy, a commenter on the YouTube video, says Demonrats acted like this in every Trump rally she’s attended:

Every Trump rally I’ve been to they act like this,… Like caged rabid dogs who missed their rabies vaccines! I was at this rally in Claremont, by the way! And yes, the behavior you see in this video of the rally I was at was the same behavior I saw at the other seven rallies I was at!

Note that it’s all women doing the growling.

I truly believe pro-abortion, a grave sin, is a portal to demonic possession.





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