World Bank mandates Commonwealth Bank of Australia to issue bond on blockchain

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And the beat goes on…

They are putting debt on the blockchain and you know how they love debt financing… Soon they will be selling off counties natural resources or land or put them up for IMF world bank bonds. This is how such things like the XXX foundation can….________________…

Think crypto and the IMF, World Bank, UN, CFR. etc, are enjoying the distraction that politics provides as they march towards the worlds currency.

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You know the platform is here as has been there agenda for a long time.


Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), the largest bank in the country, has been mandated by the World Bank to arrange a bond issue exclusively on a blockchain, according to a press release Aug. 10.

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According to the CBA and World Bank, using blockchain technology will simplify capital raising, trading securities, speed up operations, and “enhance regulatory oversight.” The World Bank issues $50-60 billion in bonds per year for sustainable development in emerging economies.


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