Wrap Up and Shut Up, No Gas for You This Winter!

by Chris Black

The British establishment and the media are telling the ‘peasants’ that they have to wrap up warm this winter, because they know most people won’t be able to afford to heat their homes.

The British government and the media would have the British people freeze rather heat their homes with Russian gas. This is because to the Government and the media, the British people are expendable.

All of this is happening because Britain has been reduced to a vassal state of America, and now the British people will pay the price. America demands sanctions on Russia, and Britain must comply, even though it is not in the interests of the British people.

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America doesn’t have ‘allies’.

America has vassal states that must all do exactly as they are commanded by the American State.

The American State does not view these vassal states as something that should be protected and strengthened, but instead aggressively pumps subversive, degenerate and anti-white filth into those states with the intention of undermining the family, skewing moral values and turning whites into a hated minority – eventually this leads to the destruction of those vassal states.

Being a ‘friend’ to America is a death sentence for any nation.


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