WSJ: If Americans won’t have babies just replace them

by Chris Black

The white replacement  “theory” is now mainstream.

 Or maybe those folks at the WSJ are Alex Jones types, you know, crazy conspiracy theorists.

The interesting thing is that they are not even hiding it anymore. 

And why would they?

 Nobody cares.  America is not a country anymore, sadly.

The Great Replacement theory can be broken down into three simple facts:

  1. Immigration is deliberately engineered.
  2. Immigration is politically and ethnically motivated.
  3. Immigration will lead to the ethnic displacement of Whites and the potential extinction of some White ethnic groups.

These are irrefutable.

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The Great Replacement is a White supremacist conspiracy theory but Replacement Migration is necessary for Sustainability™ and diversity is our greatest strength!

NYT article link: 

The narrative is homogenizing quickly on the left: Merely TALKING about and recognizing the observable and real demographic replacement in the West is a dangerous and should be criminalized as it MIGHT lead to violence.

When Leftists finally quit gaslighting and admit that the Great Replacement is occurring, they always claim that it’s just a “natural” process and not deliberately engineered, but the fact that it’s happening at all proves that it is deliberately engineered. Countries have the power to control their own borders. If the ruling class did not want immigration, it would not have immigration. Simple.


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