WTF? Children Crossing The Border Illegally Get Sent To Illegal Aliens Living In The United States

This makes no sense and is a huge reason children get lost
and has been going on for years

today during the homeland security senate subcommittee hearing they were talking about unaccompanied children coming to the united states

this is breaking news and latest news in news today and today news in politics and political news this is also immigration news in current events and business from the congress hearing

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most questions are brought up to find out a way president trump’s administration can sign into law a bill that would require children to only be given to legal citizens in the united states president donald trump has been outspoken about wanting to find a solution to daca and to stunt the number of illegal entries from the border this committee today was just one hearing of many to try and find out the reason why we lose so many children over so many years to date and this is one huge problem this is usa news and us news
from today’s senate hearing

original air date: 8/16/2018


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