Wuhan’s hospitals are to capacity; we’ve heard it from innumerable sources. Yet, there are only 1,700 verified infections. Time for a bit of math.

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by TheBelowIsFalse

Tonji Hospital; world-class facility

4,000 beds

Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital

760 beds

Wuhan Central Hospital

Unknown number of beds; likely at least 2,000-4,000

Remnin Hospital of Wuhan

2,300 beds

And they’re still rushing a new 1,000 bed hospital.

(Stopped listing details when I realized how many hospitals are in the city of Wuhan.)

Wuhan Infection Hospital Shouzhi Zhuanzhendian

Wuhan Pushikang Hospital

Wuhan Zijing Hospital

Wuhan Boda Hospital

Pu’ai Hospital of Wuhan

Wuhan Wuchang Hospital Health Clinic

Wuhan Jianghan Maternity and Child Health Care Center

Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University

Wuhan Central Hospital

Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University

Wuhan No.1 Hospital

Wuhan No.1 Health Clinic

Wuhan No.5 Hospital

Wuhan Qiaokou District No. 1 Hospital

Wuhan No.1 Hospital Ganranxing Disease Clinic

Wuhan No. 6 Hospital

Wuhan No.12 Hospital

Wuhan No.1 Cotton Hospital

Wuhan No.1 Hospital Hanxi Branch

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Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine Combined Hospital of Wuhan Xinzhou District

Wuhan Jiangxia District Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine Hospital

Hanxi Branch of Wuhan Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine Combined Hospital

Wuhan Hospital of Combined West and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Wuhan University Stomatological Hospital

Wuhan Shunyuan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Wuhan Brain Hospital

Wuhan Textile University Hospital

Wuhan Central Hospital Huaqiao Out-patient Department

Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital Emergency Medical Service

Wuhan Jingyue Hospital

Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, Jinyintan Ave

Wuhan Tuberculosis Hospital

Wuhan Guanggu Central Hospital

Xinhua Hospital (Hubei)

Wuhan Wuchang Hospital East Area

Wuhan Dongxihu District People Hospital

Wuhan Changcheng Hospital

Tongji Hospital Wuhan Red Cross Yanku

Wuhan Chutian Hospital

Wuhan Baibuting Hospital

Wuhan Daishan Hospital

Wuhan Liji Hospital

Yisheng Kangjian Wuhan Huiyuan Center

Jiang’an Laodong Street Community Health Service Center

Jiang’an Chezhan Street Community Health Service Center

Jiang’an Siwei Street Community Health Service Center

Yinxing Medical Room

While I know I missed a lot, I’m sure some are closed anyway. Either way, assuming hospitals really are full, and they’re still building a new one, this list could help make sense of the magnitude.


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