Xi warns: Don’t expect easy life, be ready to struggle

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  • The Chinese leader tells cadres at the Central Party School that the ‘risks and challenges we face are conspicuously increasing’
  • Xi’s comments about the the need to fight to protect national security come amid ongoing tensions with the United States

Chinese officials have been warned by President Xi Jinping to “discard their illusions” about having an easy life and “dare to struggle” to protect the country’s sovereignty and security
“The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation has entered a key phase, and risks and challenges we face are conspicuously increasing,” Xi said, according to state news agency Xinhua. “It’s unrealistic to always expect easy days and not want to struggle.”
He told an event on Wednesday to mark the new semester at the Central Party School, where cadres are trained, that: “[We] must not yield an inch on issues of principle, and defend national sovereignty, security and development interests with an unprecedented quality of mind.”
His remarks to hundreds of mid-level cadres from around the country did not elaborate on the need to struggle but were made amid growing tension with the United States on a range of fronts, including geopolitics, the economy and technology.

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