YEP, SHE F*CKED TED. Evidence grows that Amanda Carpenter was Ted’s mistress’s Cruz is a lying cad. UPDATE: SWOONS OVER TED’S GREASY HAIR!

UPDATE: CONFIRMED Washington Times cover up of Cruz scandal:
Here’s her timeline of tweets that morning (central time, remove one hour for Eastern Washington D.C. time):
6:46 AM First tweet, she is an early bird! [link to (secure)]
08:22 AM “[Ted] in a fun mood today.” [link to (secure)]
12:14 AM “We’re having a good time today.” [link to (secure)]
1:27 AM “Had to!” [link to (secure)]
Someone found another tweet of the very married Amanda Carpenter talking about her boyfriend Ted CRUZ. She is swooning over his hair:
More evidence is growing Amanda Carpenter was indeed one of Ted’s mistresses. The story is not “garbage” or “lies” as Ted Cruz claims.
1) Someone managed to find Amanda’s sister-in-law and her testimony is found here, confirming everything:
2) Amanda’s own child looks an awful lot like Ted himself — in fact, she looks EXACTLY like Ted:
3) THERE IS A “TAPE”… a video showing Ted and a mystery woman entering D.C. hotels frequently together (confirms sister-in-law testimony above):
4) In the infamous photos of Ted and Amanda wearing the same matching temporary tattoos, we see Ted is missing his suit jacket, but Amanda is wearing one in her photo (one that does not match her dress and appears to be a man’s suit jacket):
5) Bill Still provides a good re-cap of all the little tid-bits of evidence pouring in:

6) Image that sums everything up:

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NOTE: Image floating around showing “three more mistresses” from the April 11, 2016 future edition of the National Enquirer may be a hoax.