You are living in the greatest con of all time. An explanation of how this market is rigged and tied to Corona

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by kafkagoeswest

TLDR: we’re all sheep heading to the slaughter.

What do you remember about March 23rd, 2020? If you’re on this sub, you remember the sky was falling, we were facing systemic collapse, and we were trading around 18,000 on the Dow Jones, under 2200 on the S&P. The chart looked like this:

End of week March 20th

Since then, the Fed has announced trillions in monetary stimulus, numerous programs, the SEC relaxed all sorts of rules, Congress passed 2 trillion in relief, and markets have rallied a historic amount. All bullish things, yes. But how bullish can they be, amidst a 1Q GDP blowing by the expected -3.5% to -4.8%, disastrous earnings reports, 30 million jobless claims in that same timespan, the oil sector CRASHING and trading negative for the first time ever, every economic forecasting model projecting a longer and deeper recession than previously thought, as well as every standard data point (ISM, housing, manu, etc) being more negative than the expectation. For every positive event the market has seen, there have been numerous negative events and data points, and yet this market has rallied at a historic rate: even the NASDAQ is now positive for the year. 6000 points in the Dow Jones. the S&P has rallied nearly 700 points off the lows.

SO let me ask that question again: what do you remember about march 23rd? Well, how about this to refresh your memory:

So, let’s take a look at the chart since March 23rd, the day humans were no longer allowed to be on the trading floor, the day we decided, okay we’ll trust the computers and do everything digitally, we can trust those billionaires and Market Makers and institutions regulated by a government whose very survival depends on the markets going higher regardless of the economic devastation they’re going through. Let’s take a look at the chart THE EXACT DAY the human element of trading was removed:

Yahoo Finance sucks, but I like the color feature and percentage filled in for you: a 23.58% gain. Fucking ROCKET ship. Disney has disastrous earnings, fuck it let’s stay above 100. GDP blows by expectations at probably the biggest surprise in history comparing real number versus expected? Fuck it let’s moon. Powell keeps printing, right, that’s driving it higher, right?

No. What’s driving it higher, is MMs and HFTs using programs to inflate the stocks. Retail traders make up a sliver of volume and portion of the markets. If you think some college kid YOLOing his stimulus check on options is what’s bringing this market money, you’re smoking crack and exactly the kind of autist we expect here on WSB. But if you’re able to think critically for yourself, you’ll realize why this is the biggest con we’re going through:

Pension funds (federal state and local), Billion dollar university endowments, financial investment institutions, Hedge Funds, hold the vast majority of wealth in the markets, and they have decided along with the government, to fuck fundamentals, fuck reality, fuck the real economy, we’re going to inflate the shit out of these markets and prop them up. Algorthimic trading from HFTs can easily manipulate buys back and forth. The SEC has removed all sorts of rules and regulations, and the government is going to intentionally turn a blind eye, because Capitalism itself was at stake. They’re letting the market makers dictate their own reality, and we have severed ourselves from all fundamentals.

So what are the implications? For one, the market is going to trend higher until some big dog up top says it’s time for a taste of reality. My guess is honestly when people return to the floors, and these funds and players have all properly hedged and prepared. They’re doing some illegal shit, insane manipulation, and they’re going to get away with it. To fight them, is to fight the system, and some WSB autist or Robinhood options trader aren’t ever going to win that battle. One of two things is going to happen: they’re going to get away with it and we accept the reality of living in a rigged market, the free market being completely dead, OR: someone comes out with a documentary exposing all this a few years from now, and gets depressed and commits suicide with a bullet to the back of their head.

The con is in, the rigging has been done, jump on board or be crushed by the corrupt who wield all that power. Prepare to do nothing but shop online with Amazon and Wayfair. Prepare to eat your veggie meat to feed the world in Beyond Meat, prepare to always watch your content heavily regulated by the Mouse, prepare to live on an internet censored by Big Tech pro China companies, and watch as all those people who can live free thanks to Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide live like gods above you.


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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