You Are NOT Part of the 1%! How You’ve Been Sold A HUGE LIE About Your Money!

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Look at the 1%. They get richer and richer. Look at the bottom 90%. Constantly getting poorer. It’s a fact and it’s accelerating. Doesn’t matter about your 7 shares of Amazon. Doesn’t matter about your 12 shares of Google.
The global elite are moving the chess pieces to ensure that you remain part of the bottom 90%. They would rather exterminate mass amounts of people than allow anyone to come up.
Do you see the obvious disparity between wages and expenses?

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Take a look at your wages. Now track the cost of all of your expenses. Something doesn’t add up. And it’s not just you. Unless you’re part of the 1%, you will not see the benefits they do. They seem to have every loophole in the world available to them. Always benefitting. Up and down times. Always gaining more momentum. But it never seems to be the case for everyone else. So what’s really going on?
wealth_inequality_mar7.png (1039×863)
Wage-Growth-80-20-030718.png (814×470)
Wages-Profits-Ratio-030718.png (855×399)
SP500-Earnings-Shares-030718.png (799×506)
buybacks.png (805×555)
pro forma gaap.jpg (890×649)
wages intentions vs actual_0.jpg (890×642)
2018-03-08_17-33-32.jpg (890×467)
2018-03-08_17-37-52.jpg (890×467)
bond buying.jpg (663×390)

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