You are now witnessing a historic Fed failure. What Wall Street doesn’t want you to know – there is now no reason to own stocks.

Procter & Gamble Warns That American Consumers Are Starting to Crack Under Inflation

Procter & Gamble warned on July 29 that consumers are beginning to buckle under the weight of inflation, …

U.S. Facing ‘Perfect Storm’ for 2008-Like Housing Crisis: Economist

The U.S. is facing a “perfect storm” for a housing crisis similar to that of 2008, according to Jose Torres, a senior economist for Interactive Brokers.

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REAL GDP SAYS – Don’t Trust the Fed: The REAL Economy Is Collapsing All Around You!”

The bottom line there is that, if workers don’t return to work, the ratio of producers to consumers will remain seriously deficient, which means there will not be enough goods or services..


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