YOU DON’T SAY: Recounts Rarely Change Elections Results, But When They Do, They Favor Dems. “Republicans are right to be skeptical of these recounts.”

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As crucial elections in Arizona and Florida are still not settled, we’re seeing signs of all kinds of shenanigans going on in Florida. Palm Beach and Broward counties, both liberal strongholds, are Ground Zero for what appears to be an attempt to overturn the election results in favor of incumbent Senator Bill Nelson (D) over winner Governor Rick Scott (R), and Andrew Gillum (D) over winner Ron DeSantis (R).

The media is intent on labeling those suggesting that fraud is at play as conspiracy theorists, even as Broward County supervisor of elections Brenda Snipes has refused to allow the media access to the counting process, has refused to announce the total number of ballots they have, and has already been declared to have violated the state constitution by a state judge.

It’s worth mentioning that historically speaking, recounts rarely ever reverse election night results. However, there are a handful of examples where they have:

1. Lewis Wyman vs. John Durkin for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire (1974)

Republican congressman Lewis Wyman came out victorious on Election Day by a mere 355 votes. Durkin demanded a recount, which put Durkin ahead by 10 votes. A second recount had Wyman up by two votes. Durkin appealed to the Democrat-controlled U.S. Senate. After a six-month investigation, they came up with no definitive winner, and a new election was called. Durkin ultimately triumphed over Wyman in a special election by 27,000 votes.

2. Dino Rossi vs. Christine Gregoire for governor of Washington (2004)

Republican state Senator Dino Rossi surprisingly came out victorious on election night 2004 by just 261 votes. Of course, a recount was held, which Rossi also won, this time by just 42 votes. The state Democratic Party demanded a recount, and this new hand recount delivered Gregoire a 10-vote victory, which was later increased due to missing ballots that had been “found” during the recount. Another recount following a GOP lawsuit alleging fraud increased Gregoire’s lead by four votes.

3. Randy Brock vs. Thomas Salmon for auditor of Vermont (2006)

Republican incumbent Brock was declared the winner by 137 votes, and the results certified by the secretary of state. Democrat Salmon asked for a recount, and he ended up winning the election by 102 votes.

BUT OF COURSE: In Palm Beach County, Democrats Argue To Count Votes Cast By Non-Citizens.

During review of provisional ballots to determine whether a recount is justified in the tight Florida governor, senate, and agriculture commission races, Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher identified a voter as a non-citizen and declared that the ballot would not be counted.

Attorneys representing the Democratic candidate for senate Bill Nelson and the Democratic candidate for governor Andrew Gillum objected. A copy of the uncertified transcript shows the interaction.

Chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party Michael Barnett attests to the validity of the transcript. He told The Federalist that several Republican lawyers and party officials heard the back and forth between the canvassing board and attorney’s from the Gillum and Nelson campaigns.

“I would think this is something we could all agree on—that non-citizens shouldn’t vote, but evidently that’s not the case with Democrats,” Barnett said.

The Democrats mean to win. Does the GOP?

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