You exhale CO2 which grass needs to grow. Cows eat grass, you eat cows and continue to exhale grass-growing CO2. It’s the circle of life.

BUT THE NARRATIVE! Scientists: CO2 the ‘miracle molecule’ key to feeding, saving the world.

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If you like to eat, then you should be cheering global warming.

That’s the claim in a new scientific report that counters global warming fanatics like former Vice President Al Gore and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and offers proof that CO2 added to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels is nature’s Miracle-Gro.

In what some are calling the counter to the liberals’ “Green New Deal,” the new report provided to Secrets said that instead of fighting over the stalemated global warming debate, the world should take advantage of increased CO2 levels by growing plants and food that thrive on it.

“Fortunately, carbon dioxide, a non-polluting gas that is created when fossil fuels are converted into energy, has proved to be a powerful plant food,” said the report from the CO2 Coalition of scientists who reject claims it will end the world in 12 years.




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