You think this all coming to an end? Think again….

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Today Sajid Javid officially opened the new Rosalind Franklin megalab in Leamington Spa. It is the largest testing lab in the UK & has already begun processing 1000s of COVID-19 tests a day. The lab will support the UKHSA to help prevent & respond to public health threats.

The megalab forms part of the new UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA).. The technology will include automation, robotics and LGC EndPoint PCR (EPCR) testing workflow for COVID-19, which can process up to 150,000 tests each day.

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“The pandemic has provided us with clear evidence, on a daily basis, that you can only challenge viruses of this kind with the right testing and genomics infrastructure in place.” .. The UK is already in a good position and viral genome sequencing and the industrialisation of this process bodes well for when the next pandemic appears.”

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This is a whole new mega-industry forming. We’re never going back to living without medical interventions – except those of us who are off-grid, like the “savages” in Brave New World, which is coming true before our eyes.

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