You Won’t See This On CNN: Armed Citizen Stops Shooting

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A shooting in Fort Smith, Arkansas left one woman dead but more lives could have been lost if one citizen had not drawn his rifle to stop the shooter.

A 26-year old man came to an apartment complex and demanded that everyone leave the building immediately. Believing it was an emergency, 2 elderly women left their apartments. When they left their apartments the shooter opened fire, one woman was able to get back inside and lock the door, the other woman was not so fortunate and was killed by the shooter. The shooter then continued his rampage shooting at the doors of various apartments in an effort to kill those living inside them.

One individual living in the apartment complex stepped outside with his rifle drawn and returned fire. His aim proved true and he killed the shooter before he could hurt anyone else.

Police are being tight lipped about some of the details and what we know is coming from neighbors who spoke to media about the incident.

You won’t see this story reported in the mainstream media, the good guy with a gun story is not something the media tends to cover. When evil individuals kill people the media is always quick to share the story, but when these evil people fail or are stopped by a good person they pretend the event never happened. Local stations covered this story but many of the local papers simply ignored it, had this story gone down differently this would have made national headlines.



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