Young Mother In California Threatened With Arrest At A Bus Stop For Not Vaccinating Her Children

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Could you imagine being threatened by law enforcement authorities over vaccine records as you are waiting with your children for the school bus?  This is something that literally just happened to one young mother down in California.  One morning she walked her kids to the bus stop and she was approached by an official from the Claremont school district and a police officer.  In very intimidating fashion, they began questioning her about whether or not her children had been vaccinated.  When she refused to answer and started recording the interaction they walked away, but that wasn’t the end of it.  Later she called the police department and explained what was going on, and she was told that she could be arrested for refusing to vaccinate her children.

You can see the video for yourself on Facebook right here.  It has already been watched more than 159,000 times, and we need to get this out to as many people as we possibly can.  The following is the description that Porsha Rasheed posted along with the video…

Please watch this Video and share I am. I am being set up by the Claremont school district to be arrested and they are trying to force me to give my child immunization shots! I woke up this morning and walked my kids to the bus stop like I always do. Guess who was waiting the Claremont police department along with another man asking me about my child’s shots! I called the police department to make a complaint for harassment and was told by the sergeant, that me not giving my kids shots is a criminal act and that I will be arrested. This is why they were at the bus stop to try to incriminate me by me attempting to them that my son does not have any shots. This is crazy!! I want the world to know if I am arrested this is why! I will follow up with the facts!!!!

This is the kind of thing that health freedom advocates were warning would happen in California.
In 2016, a new law went into effect that mandates that all children be fully vaccinated unless they have been granted a medical exemption…

The law requires all children entering day care, kindergarten or 7th grade to be vaccinated unless they have a medical exemption. It also gives physicians broader discretion to grant medical exemptions based on a child’s condition or family history. The law eliminated personal belief exemptions, which experts say created hotspots of unvaccinated kids and contributed to the spread of contagious diseases.
Medical exemptions were rare before the law took effect last summer. Between 2000 and 2015, just .2 percent or less of California kindergartners had one each year. After the law took effect in 2016, the number of kindergartners statewide with a medical exemption increased threefold.

Fortunately, some doctors are fighting back against this draconian new law by granting medical exemptions to parents that do not want to submit to forced vaccination.
The vaccine industry considers California’s new law to be a model for the nation, and they are going to push hard to get laws like this in all 50 states.
So what can we do?
Well, first of all you need to know your rights as a parent.  Most states still allow religious vaccine exemptions, and you can see a sample letter on Health Freedom Idaho’s website right here.
Secondly, we need to fight relentlessly for health freedom on the local, state and federal levels.  Here in Idaho, Health Freedom Idaho is doing an amazing job standing up for parents, and we need similar organizations in all 50 states.
And we also need health freedom candidates to run for office all over the nation.  If I win my race for Congress, I am going to fight relentlessly for health freedom, and we need to strongly support all other candidates that will help protect us from this sort of tyranny.
If we lose this battle, what just happened to that young mother in California will soon start happening all over the nation.  It is hard to believe that we have already gone so far down the road toward becoming a police state, and we must fight back with everything that we have got.

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9 thoughts on “Young Mother In California Threatened With Arrest At A Bus Stop For Not Vaccinating Her Children

  1. Despicable governor Brown signed this horrific law – he obviously didn’t mind trampling the rights of conscience ! ! Which leads me to believe that in Germany when he called for protesters to be “put in the ground,” his instincts were speaking, not that he was joking as the press portrayed it.

    • Remember that these traitors are just that. They swore an oath to defend the constitution and they have betrayed it. This is a fact that is undisputed. These people all work for the cabal and hate America and Unalienable Rights?

  2. Law enforcement authorities they are not, they are corporate employees and nothing more but corporate employees with a gun and a costume who work for the corporate state who are not sovereign.
    Would anyone let a Walmart employee tell you that you have to take a shot? If they did you would tell the to fuk off.
    What is the difference? I know they are scary and think they are our bosses. Bully’s are always tough when they are members of a gang with lots of back up.

  3. California is now in VIOLATION OF THE NUREMBURG LAW!!!!
    No government, person, or entity shall force the unauthorized and potentially harmful health procedure(s) and/or research of a person without his or her consent!
    If a person or parent refuses vaccinations, (now known to have biased if not totally false data as per CDC / WHO whistleblowers, with the same now back under review), it is their Human, Civil and International Right to do so!
    Go get an injunction in the Federal District Court, and a stay from the bench to stop the vaccinations from happening!!!
    Under International Law, the school and the PD could be charged with causing bodily harm to the child via known toxic adjuvants.
    Contact Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the World Mercury Project ASAP, and see who he can recommend as a lawyer to combat this abuse of power, and the attempted neurocide that the State of California is forcing on it’s residents.

    • “State of California is forcing on it’s residents.” All “Residents” have voluntarily forsaken their God given Rights for government privileges. Unfortunately most people have no clue about their own “status”. We have been deceived and tricked into becoming federal slaves instead of free citizens. Are you a U.S. citizen or are you a citizen of the USA ? There is a big difference !
      From Sovereign to Serf documents the very techniques the U.S. Federal Government uses to convert your RIGHTS into PRIVILEGES and establish totalitarian control over us all. Masterfully clear and well documented, you will not find a better explanation of how we have evolved from a nation of sovereign citizens with God-given, constitutionally protected liberties into a rogue police state of corporate slaves subservient to a faceless 1%.

  4. This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to fully understanding how the world works. Because people are lazy and apathetic with no empathy for others, most generally don’t care about anything until it directly affects them in some way, then they scream what the hell is going on?! This is wrong?! If you are a government and police, its called just business.
    All this flag waving and loving police and governments is sickening to watch…..SLAVES cheering on their slaves masters and psychopathic killers!
    The reason they can do what they want to people is a matter of JURISDICTION and lack of public awareness. The police and government NO LONGER operate under natural, or common law jurisdiction because they know there is NO MONEY in it for them, and they are owned by international jewish bankers who must make money for them.
    They operate under MARITIME LAW.
    Basically when you are born you are classed as “lost at sea” and claimed by the government as salvage. They FORCED your mum and dad to REGISTER you and they created a new legal entity in your name. They then use this new entity as collateral for loans from jewish international bankers. They SELL your future labor as a bond for a few bucks today.
    The government is no longer a de jure government, but a de facto one. They are a private company that looks and sounds like the government you think they are, but they are not. They are operating under the Hague conventions of 1910 as an OCCUPYING ARMY. They are at war with you……(Gold fringe around the flag anyone!?)
    All the rules they make up are directed at the PERSON, the LEGAL IDENTITY, and using some clever legal tactics like acquiescence they trick people (FRAUD) into contracts and situations like this lady is in.
    The police are the extortion specialists roaming the neighborhood looking for any legal infractions to collect money to pay themselves, and pay off government loans and interest payments.
    Anyone like Michael Snyder with good intentions will be quickly pulled into line because the system itself is far bigger than him, and they kill to protect it….Michael loves Israel, and so do these psychopaths, so he will naively slide in thinking he can change things by going against the very people he loves. Would love to be there and see his face when the penny drops!
    Too many people are unaware of the game being played. CITIZENS have no rights, just privileges which the government can take away if they want, or make you PAY to have them (licenses and permits!) Think about that. If you do it without paying the government for a license, they can pretty much throw you in jail and steal your stuff…….pay them a fee, and now it ok and “legal”…but there is a time limit on it, and it expires and you have to pay them again. Government is M A F I A.
    We must stop viewing the government and police, as “Public servants”. That has not been true for many years now. Their job for the company is to extract as much wealth out of the public as possible, and do it with zero empathy or consciousness. People that show these traits are promoted quickly, which is why we are seeing a total disintegration of society from the top down.
    It does not matter who you vote for, you are voting for the COMPANY or CORPORATION to still rule over you, and they are NOT going to change and put themselves under the correct jurisdiction. Only people NOT voting, and being aware of what these people are, and what they represent will change anything.
    This lady called in the story the police for “help”…….the police AUTOMATICALLY put EVERY SITUATION under Maritime law (I need to see your ID…..and DO YOU UNDERSTAND!), they have found it to be be very lucrative. Whenever you are talking to them you must first place the situation under common law/natural law, by saying so, and make them understand that. Remember the government OWNS the legal entity you are operating under.
    Their trick is basically “well you haven’t told me anything to the contrary, so what I think about this situation must be true”……and that stands up as legal in court. Many of the lower ranked cops have no real idea what they are doing, and the criminal offence called FRAUD they are perpetrating, but the higher up ones do. They are trained to go after belligerents, and those that do not comply. Jurisdiction is everything, without it they break the law, and many of them do know that because Maritime law (contracts and commerce) does NOT supersede common law or natural law. You are using their legal corporation UNDER DURESS, and you MUST SAY THAT. Remember, they are an occupying army that can do whatever the fuck they want under their legal system.
    They have basically told police (or they have figured it out) that any belligerent can be killed, and for the police, it works out better if they do kill people, because there will be no lawsuit, and dead men tell no tales. They kill, and say “I feared for my life”, and it works.
    I would like to say courts recognize this and support the common law, but they play fuck fuck games with those that go into court knowing what is going on. They flip and change jurisdictions within minutes to get the situation under their authority, which makes them devious little cunts in my books, not interested in the truth…… one day hopefully they will be tried by the public, in public, and hanged for their crimes against humanity. How any of these assholes under Maritime law go to bed at night after committing fraud and treason against the public, shows me we have a VERY LARGE PERCENTAGE of PSYCHOPATHS willing to fuck people over for a few dollars.
    We all need to step outside the legal framework, away from the game and DO NOT UNDERSTAND anything they do or say, give them NO CONSENT, and be UNDER DURESS ALL THE TIME when dealing with anyone from the government or police. because, that is the truth. You are talking to a man with a gun trained to kill, wanting to steal your money….if that is not under duress, what is?!
    NEVER SIGN ANYTHING LEGAL that you don’t think will be in your favor without writing “signed under duress”, making it legally invalid.
    I could go on forever…..the courts use a triangle called Executor, beneficiary and trustee……trustee being the lowest, and the one virtually all are placed under by default (absent any evidence) in a court room….making them LIABLE. I have seen people place the judge as trustee and they SHIT BRICKS and run out of the room, so there is something to that, that cannot be ignored.
    This is a great little video explaining what Maritime law is. Save it, it gets deleted often.
    Also this is a MUST READ. It tells you what you need to know about the PERSON (corporation). (copy and paste in address bar for PDF file)

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