Your Comprehensive Guide to the Neocon Wars – Everything the Corporate Media Told You, Is A Lie

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by Ian56

US, UK Saudi Arabia and Qatar started the War in Syria by arming al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood from March 2011.
Al-Qaeda in Syria (al-Nusra) later split in summer 2013 to form ISIS. This didn’t stop the U.S. and Saudi Arabia from continuing to arm ISIS. ISIS then rapidly gained territory in Syria and invaded Iraq at the turn of the year.
Assad has huge support in Syria (around 80% of the population). If Assad didn’t have massive support from the great majority of Syrians his army would have collapsed long ago in the face of the Western armed and backed terrorist onslaught and he would have been toppled. Syria would have been turned into a failed state for the terrorists. See Libya 2011.
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