YouTube making comment history obscure and difficult on purpose

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by Taryll02

Since 2020 iv noticed some comments disappearing

And then soon after a drop off of responses I would get from comments

Usually polite and political stuff

But nothing malicious

I like drama/conflict but in a debate sorta way

I like clashing ideas not following a mantra

Sometimes I would swear being Australian so I assumed a similar but more passive chat filtered you see in games

I was a little annoyed by this cos it was unclear what words would trigger it

I did some research and nothing like this was being announced

I didn’t think much but kept using YouTube over the following 2 years

The filter seems the be ever changing

A year ago it would be cliches like, don’t combine “bad word” with “opressed group” I.e Women, Gays, Trans, Feminists e.c.t

This made sense as since the CEO become a women

And that it would be biased in that way, mainly because no one else is complaining to remove words and ideas as much as them

They used to be fractured as individual groups, but now they’ve banded together under the shadow of companies that suck their attention and money, similar to political voting

But as of late 2021 iv noticed it changes behaviour after viewing it for too long

It would normally delete exactly 17-19 seconds after posting (suggesting a list)

But after a month it would vary

It would delete obvious ones in that time frame

And later delete more complex wording 35-80 seconds later

Seems random, or bottle necked by something, most likely processing the comment

I think also to preserve processing power they catagorise accounts by the history, both videos and prior comments

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I wanna say they can apply personality types and temperaments but that’s a stretch

With this information they can, hide certain content from certain types of people

And provoke certain reactions by promoting certain content to certain people

I believe this applies to comments aswell

They could have many channels that intertwine without conflict

Allowing certain types of people to mingle and repel others

This could be enterpretted as them trying to prevent conflict

But I doubt that

Iv also noticed that the access to a coherent and live (which is completely and was possible) comment history

Even with it all angled and hidden through google searches

They rearranged again to bury the feature deeper within the site

Why put all this effort to rename things and change the ui

Just for it to not gain any benefit but actually lose out

Maybe there is a benefit but not for us

This would make observing the AI live almost impossible

And can also use your cross platform activity to find those who could access detrimental information

This is a stretch but I feel it’s true as I would started recording any interaction with the comment section

I would test terms and watch it change to even accomodate men and “not opressed” groups

But it was personalised for my device/ip/account

Other people with a less provoking track record could get passed issuing these terms but would update later for them

Often a minute or two later

It allows you to make “bad” comments

But learns you are a “bad” person and prioritised you

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I think as a response to this or people noticing they’ve also made it so other accounts can’t see your comment but it remains in your history

But established bannable word combinations are instantly banned like “what’s the point of hiding those”

It’s like they have no intention of informing us so we can learn

But to remove them as the natural responce before it’s the status quo

This effectively hides ideas that might be rampant in EVERYONE but makes everyone feel alone to kill ideas or social movements

Not allowing Monopolies is companies was to prevent blackmailing/forced markets/options

This isn’t applied to social media’s

or most internet based companies

This forces ever piece of information through them

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