Youtubes largest page's about las vegas shooting deleted day before protest.

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via reddit:
MANY channels on YT have just been terminated with appeals denied within a hour some minutes.
There’s a planned vegas protest tomorrow(today now) and there WAS a TON of good data about the false flag corruption coverup (not hoax). The contridictions in autopsied bodys,pictures in the crime scene and just tons of credible info from vegas and the fbi themselves.
Theory is if the protest makes news they don’t want people seeing all the HARD evidence of a false flag right after flordia. All we have left now is a video with the fbi covering bullet holes without almost any investigation. Multiple videos in high quality,no bullet holes except pavememt from 32 floors with bumbstocks,wind,bulletdrop and adrenaline. Very overall suspect way to handle largest modern mass shooting cleanup.
The fbi lied to the judge the night of Oct 1 on a phone call considered under oath. All the hard evidence is gone so if the protest makes the news nothing to be seen.
There is still a video saying marilou danley’s suv was found across from mandalay bay after chasing what looked like a hispanic female through the 6th floor MB parking garage (service elevator goes from floor 32 to 6th floor garage) marilou’s car (plate ran) was then found at the chevron station along with the “suspect” and not where the fbi claims they found it. (Lombardo already stated paddock was alone and KNEW it was a lone wolf attack) They even ask for a tow and you hear a woman screaming help me. They then say suspect in coustody but she put up a fight and is having trouble walking..
first time I seen marilou she was coming back from the Phillipines in a WHEELCHAIR conveniently. Everyone believed people died but had evidence of a lie and coverup and youtube took all channels minus a few down. Is this not censorship?
I put this together quick but these few videos left are against the narrative of him being alone. He had a room in 4 season floor 61 that is 43rd floor room 15 I believe room 32-134,135 and a room at ogden hotel. There was a “hispanic looking girl who warned the crowd 45 mins before shooting started” on enterprise all area command scanner police mistake her as hispanic too,running throught 6th floor parking garage.
The plate and Vin match iirc so how was marilou in the Philippines? Maybe paddocks house wasn’t broken into since they walked through the front door. Maybe marilou talked? She admitted her prints would be on the shells bc she “frequently helped him load magizines” problem is the crime scene photos show tons of empty brand new ammo boxes.
Why did 200 rounds into the hall make 35 holes in the door? Did mgm pay campos and shuck bc they moved and are no longer employees from hearsay.
They did move that’s proven.
The amount of work and paperwork contridictions and good video for people who wanted justice just taken down for no reason? No strikes just censorship.
PLEASE help and notify youtube’s twitter team this is not right for the victims and the people fighting for TRUTH. I don’t know all the channels but it’s atleast 10 with very good hard evidence the fbi lied an is covering up.
The other room he had in MB we never seen. It’s labeled 61 but really the 43rd floor bc the building isn’t that high. This is first ammendment rights being stripped for no reason. All evidence was from video,lvmpd,fbi flight radar tracker and police scanners. Thanks.
Edit add: the lie was the fbi claimed they witnessed paddock commit suicide to a judge for warrants related to his stuff. That clearly VERY contridicts the story told on ellen by missing jesus and sheriff lombardo. Also over 11 eyewitnesses have died in mysterious circumstances after claiming multiple shooters.
The fbi also took back and said the absolutely did NOT see paddock commit suicide. Autopsies were all just released too. Some are very suspect and the only person who fought to not release them was the lvmpd cops wife who passed that night. His autopsy of apparently of great importance but names are redacted and he is said to have cocaine in his system.
They also moved poor girls body from the place where she died to a hotel. It’s all caught on a cctv video camera. The police are still on edge armed and scared ready for battle AFTER Lombardo had reported it was a lone wolf.
Thanks for the support everyone. Sorry for the bad setup and bad Grammer. TIL I’m apparently dyslexic and my swype text isn’t reliable. I was in a rush and just wrote it out and posted no proof reading,sorry.
Channels left with vegas evidence
This imgur shows what’s been done if they don’t terminate the channel completely. Force you to be scared and delete or private the videos,or they delete them. There plenty more channels. Sorry to anyone I forgot.
Las Vegas crime scene photos to come before they scrub those too. With all the evidence they moved doors to different rooms bullet boxes in trash, women’s slippers Plus woman shopping bag in paddocks car photoshop multiple bags (as in multiple occupants) neglegent discharge by swat member handcock The fact they tried covering up the neglegent discharge. We never seen master suit or bathroom to 135 or 134 or room 61/43 they also had. Early reports are paddock had a military grade communication device charger, that got down played into “a charger not matching his 8 cell phones” 7 burner phones 1 Samsung smartphone with tape over both cameras.
Sounds like the guy maybe had help? Why was 135 comped to paddock when he wanted room 32-235? Who called and had his car moved right before the shooting? 500+ hr of security footage but they can’t show ANY??? MAYBE THIS GUY WASN’T ALONE. Maybe they don’t want you to know who helped. Maybe they don’t want you to know MGM CEO dumped 80% his shares before the shooting and bought back at a lower price after the attack so when the market recovers he makes tons of money.. The list goes very long.
No security at MB service elevators after shooting (no security at all) same route paddock took.
Btw MGM backed sheriff Lombardos election so that alone is a conflict of intrest IMO.

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