Zelensky supporters have egg ALL OVER their faces

by AC

First, the current government of Ukraine is only in place due to the 2014 coup d’etat funded by George Soros.

After Soros and his thugs deposed the democratically elected President in 2014, the new junta immediately made new rules making the ethnic Russians in the East of Ukraine feel like criminals in their own country. When the Eastern Ukrainians objected and petitioned the newly installed government via legal correspondence, the Kiev junta reacted fiercely to their lack of respect.

They shipped in the neo-Nazi brigades from the North east and also Kiev to the Donbas and also Odessa to act as brownshirt enforcers of the new rules. One of the new rules being Russian language was now prohibited. Well, that is all many of these people have ever spoke for hundreds of years. The tools of enforcement were street thugs with bats, whips, chains and small hand guns. The locals were shocked.

There were then protests in the East over the new rules made by the new government (illegitimate). The neo-Nazis stormed in and beat the protestors up and killed many of them, at the direction of the new powers in Kiev. There were also nationalist oligarchs scattered throughout the country that also hated the ethnic Russians and funded the newly formed units of street gangs (think Antifa)

Once the neo-Nazis started killing the ethnic Russians it was game on. The Donbas formed their own self defense militias and also took votes on whether to secede from Kiev authorities. The large majority >90% voted to secede and become independent from the new rulers in Kiev.

This did not go well, as Kiev could not stand to lose the mineral rich lands of the east. They refused to listen to any results of referendums or the voices of the people in the Eastern region at all. The international community (U.N. and NATO) did not listen or want to hear any of the complaints of human rights violations in the East. They were deaf dumb and blind to it, as was Sgt. Schultz. “I hear nothing! I see nothing!”

Then, when Kiev realized it had a real problem on it’s hands, it set up several military units to go in and straighten out the newly minted “separatist” regions. Keep in mind there had been nothing like this trouble in that area prior to 2014.

Kiev sent in the first wave of military and started shelling and making their attempt at subduing the region. I am not sure who was all involved in the local defense of Donbas although there are rumors that some Russian military with family in the Donbas were given leave or vacation time to go help out as civilian militia. There were probably some because the Donbas militia were very effective in fighting off the onslaught of regular military. They might have gotten some equipment from Russian regular army too, but all that is a mystery and not broadcast or talked about.

Either way, the first wave from Kiev had to eventually retreat. They made a second wave later that was also rebuffed.

All the time there was shelling of the villages and residential areas to soften up the population and make them submit to the new ruling authorities in Kiev. But the local opposition was so hard because these people were fighting for their lives and their homes & ultimately their way of life.

The regular conscripts from the West of Ukraine were not sure they wanted to fight their own people, and they had low morale after the second time they got their asses kicked in the East.

It was not a “one and done” quick and easy type of deal after all…

It was around this time that Kiev decided to get tough with the locals and go the extra mile. They rounded up their right nationalists and neo-Nazi Banderists from the street units (their Antifa street thugs) and gave them two weeks training, a helmet and a rifle. It didn’t matter if they were criminals right out of prison – they took them all.

They sent these new units in the East and told them to support Azov, which was the brutal wing of the military headed up by hard corp Banderists. These commanders are evil. They hate the ethnic Russians and think they are less than animals.

They were given full authority to terrorize the populace to soften them up and win the east no matter what it took. Anything less would be a black eye for the Davos boys and the international community writ large. No limits, just win.

Then the terror started. There is a long trail of documents showing that these newly stood up units would abduct suspected militia members from their homes or the battlefield and bring them to centers where they were tortured for 3 days or longer.

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There is a full report on all the methods of torture that they used on their own civilians during this time.

All throughout this time period the regular Ukrainian units were shelling villages and hitting schools, hospitals, utilities etc.

Not a word from the U.N.

After some time, both parties realized they were at a stalemate. Ukraine realized they were making zero progress and their country was falling apart, so they decided it was time to deal with Russia and hammer out a cease fire. They came up with a Minsk Agreement, which established grey zones where they would not cross so the civilians in the East could go back to their (somewhat) normal lives.

Kiev seemed to view this peace agreement as some kind of trick and they used it to their advantage. They constantly ignored it and kept advancing past the grey lines to shell the villages, while the Donbas militia always stayed behind thir lines.

The residents that live there all say the same thing.

This stalemate with Kiev cheating and attacking, shelling villages went on constantly for 8 years. The citizens were terrorized that long.

This brings us to 2022.

Russia has enough.

Russia “invades” the Ukraine and it looks like within 48 hours they neutralize the limited armed forces of Ukraine. Blow their airfields and destroy their biggest military installations.

In the first week they have the Capitol city of Kiev surrounded by armored vehicles and have them effectively choked off and beat. Kiev is done and has no reinforcements coming to save them. That is a defeat.

The only remaining option Ukrainian forces have is to go low. Remaining troops and armor that have not been destroyed move into residential areas creating human shields as their protection.

Just like Hamas.

As the Ukrainian forces are defeated and retreat in one area after another they blow bridges and railways to slow the Russian advance. Of course they tell their friends in the Main Stream Media the Russians did it. The MSM runs with that story and fool as many people as they can. They tell everybody how bad Russia is and show the picture of a blown up bridge.

All is fair in love and war, right?

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