Zuckerberg’s sales of FB stock since 2016

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by mdcd4u2c

I kept seeing Facebook pop on lists of top insider sales week after week and got curious so I did some digging and I’m sharing here. This is just all of Zuckerberg’s insider transactions (they were all sales) since the beginning of 2016. In reality, the dataset goes back to 2012, but he only had two sales before 2016 and it didn’t make sense to squeeze the horizontal axis anymore for two data points.

Anyway, I wanted to see if the privacy issues had anything to do with the dramatic increase in sales recently so I added some annotations of key dates, which I obtained from this article. I have two charts:

  1. Number of shares Zuckerberg has sold versus the price of $FB at the time
  2. Value of the shares Zuck has sold versus the price of $FB at the time
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Sorry for crappy looking charts, this is the best I could do with Google Sheets. Anyway, it gets the point across. Zuck has sold $4 bln worth of FB stock this year, and $6 bln over the last 2.5 years. The value of the stock that was sold is calculated based on the stock price at the time of the sale (e.g. this isn’t what his stock would currently be valued if he still held it).

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The price chart looks weird because only the prices on the dates when sales actually took place are accurate. The prices on those days are just connected with straight lines. I could have used points instead but I thought this was easier to visualize.


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