Global Stock MELTDOWN in October! Too Big To Fail Banks Down 30%!

In your opinion, do you think that global stocks will have an upward trend for the remainder of 2018?

After a dismal October, stock traders are rejoicing in multiple positive days. But have the underlying issues been resolved? Has anything been done to fix the obvious and apparent problems that continue to weigh done on the actual real economy? Of course not. But have no fear. The Fed will save us all.


2018-10-31_10-17-04.jpg (890×465)

2018-10-31_10-37-05.jpg (890×469)

2018-10-31_9-55-45.jpg (890×434)

2018-10-31_12-43-25.jpg (890×468)

Velocity of M2 Money Stock | FRED | St. Louis Fed

single stock vol.jpg (890×491)

Deutsche Bank Draws Activist Investment From Former JPMorgan Finance Chief

Gold buying by central banks at highest level in almost three years


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