Follow the money: Baltimore to spend $200,000 to help illegal aliens fight deportation

by DCG The city of Baltimore faces many challenges, mainly a very high crime rate. See our following blog posts: Baltimore sets record for killings per capita Baltimore lawmaker’s grandson killed in Labor Day weekend violence Baltimore’s “Don’t kill anybody” weekend: 3 shot, … Read more

$2.7 billion to pay for ICE to have an average of 52,000 illegal aliens a day in detention — the highest-ever level for the agency.

AAAAHHH…… A DAY! Trump has promised to build the border wall to keep out illegal immigrants and drug smugglers. Democrats oppose funding the wall, which they view as unnecessary. The budget proposal also includes $782 million to hire and support … Read more

4,380 Americans are killed every year by illegal aliens. Updated: 4,491* Americans were killed in the Iraq war. More Americans die from illegal immigrants each year than 9/11 (2,996 deaths).

Liberal logic breaks things down by smaller units then compares it to a larger #. They’ll say something like “it’s not even 1 per hour in a country of 320,000,000.” And then they’ll compare it to an unrelated statistic like … Read more

FBI Lawyer Lisa Page goes on a tirade on how amazing illegal aliens "overcame serious odds" to become valedictorians and steal from the American Taxpayer…

When I read through the texts, I got the impression that these pair are really just some jumped-up SJW-liberals that actually believe half of the nonsense that the left put out. I think they’re footsoldiers, rather than ringleaders.   h/t DrWeeGee