The Bank War: the political struggle Andrew Jackson and Anti-Bank Jacksonian Democrats lead against the Rothschild controlled banks re-authorization on the grounds that the institution conferred economic privileges on a small group of financial elites

Jackson fought and won against the Bank- and he payed off the National Debt with the money he got from it. But after his term the Bank was reauthorized and has existed in one form or another ever since. Cartoon … Read more

FBI Office of Professional Responsibility Recommends AG Jeff Sesssions Fire Andrew McCabe…

by sundance A very interesting dynamic today, with a motive that may not be as transparent as initially appears. The New York Times and Washington Post are both reporting the FBI’s internal Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) has recommended to AG Jeff Sessions that FBI Asst. Director … Read more

Sara Carter Breaks News on Hannity: Andrew Weissmann was reported to the IG Michael Horowitz a year before the 2016 elections by a lawyer for whistleblowers who believed Weissman's actions in the court showed eggregious criminal, corrupt legal practices.

Starts @ 9:10 Mueller’s ‘Pit Bull’ Andrew Weissmann Busted for Withholding Evidence in Previous Case Weissmann’s illegalities weren’t just hidden…they were officially removed from the record. And Sara Carter uncovered it.   h/t fmrimdbaddict