Andrew Marshall’s Pentagon Papers on China’s Racialism Show That America is a Dying Empire

by Chris Black

According to Marshall, America’s main foreign policy appeal to the world is that it allows non-stop mass immigration and once here, for non-whites to racially step on the white population. 

Can the prospect of being non-white and living out your fantasies of kicking whitey for X and Y historical injustice really win America the cold war with China? 

You are starting to see countries like Brazil, the Middle East and much of Africa drifting away from the USA towards China and to a lesser extent Russia.

If given the choice, many non-white people would rather have functional infrastructure and jobs in their homeland over the golden ticket from Jews to freely rape white women, sodomize men and scam the benefits system in America and Western Europe. 

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Once America can no longer attract elites from other countries — but only the criminal element — and that moment is almost here (if not already realized), Washington’s empire is toast.  

Apparently Krauthammer, before he died made a think tank about where the Jews should go if America becomes anti Semitic. 

China was the pick lol:


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