The Jimmy Dore Show: Russia Convicted Of Nerve Attack Before Investigation. "It doesn´t pass the smell test"

Despite not having conclusive evidence, Theresa May and the corporate media have already condemned Russia. Also, even if Russia is responsible, some of the response does not make any sense. The story May wants to tell has way … Read more

Probiotics for your heart: Eat yogurt twice a week to reduce risk of heart attack in those with high blood pressure by up to 30%

by: Zoey Sky (Natural News) Results from a recent study reveal that probiotic-rich yogurt can help reduce the risk of a heart attack by at least 30 percent in individuals who have high blood pressure. The study reveals that consuming at least two servings … Read more

French embassy, EMGA HQunder attack in Burkina Faso, French army deployed to the embassy

by KneelB4Zod! Sputnik-@SputnikInt · 22 min. DETAILS: According to witnesses, five armed men got out of a car and opened fire on passersby before heading towards French embassy MENASTREAM- @MENASTREAM · 28 min #BurkinaFaso: Ongoing terrorist attack in #Ouagadougou now confirmed … Read more