Popocatepetl Violently Erupts, And Authorities Warn A Bigger Eruption Could Threaten More Than 20 Million People In Mexico City

By Michael Snyder Mt. Popocatepetl is one of the most important volcanoes on the entire planet, and yet most Americans are not familiar with it.  In ancient Aztec, Popocatepetl means “smoking mountain”, but to the locals the 5,426-meter-high volcano is … Read more

Lawsuit Alleged Against MGM Grand – CEO Says “Stick With Vegas” – Engineer Stephen Schuck Called For Help – No One Called The Authorities.

by Ruby Henley The following report consists of facts I believe to be of absolute importance in understanding the Las Vegas massacre; also, in clarifying underlying facts involving the alleged liability of MGM Grand.  The first lawsuit has been filed, … Read more