YSK: That Supermarkets tend to wait for you to steal multiple items before contacting authorities.

by AshyTheVillain

WHY YSK: A lot of people tend to think that if they’ve gotten away with stealing once, that they can come back and do it again. It is a trap.

YSK: That if you have stolen from a large store and thought you got away with it you most likely have not. Most big supermarkets have CCTV and the police generally won’t do much if you have only stolen one low price item.

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However, what they are doing is waiting to see if you get cocky and come back to repeatedly steal, that way they have it on CCTV that you are a repeat offender and can tally up the overall cost of the items that you have stolen before going to the police and getting you charged.

EDIT: This was primarily aimed at people who are kleptomaniacs not as a way for people to get away with stealing but I see how that comes across.

I don’t reccomend stealing, you CAN be caught on the first go especially if it’s a restricted or valuable item.



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